Thursday, October 17, 2013

Boulder Inventory Shortage Deepens

by Osman Parvez

Talking to a reporter about the inventory shortage in Boulder, I realized it might be helpful to put together a clearer chart. 

The following shows September inventory compared to the long term average for both houses and attached dwellings (condos and town homes).   Since it covers 8 years of data, you could consider the long term average "normal." 

Inventory of houses is about 51% of normal for this time of year.   For town homes and condos, inventory is only 40% of normal.   

If these percentages were the spring snowpack, meterologists would be predicting a drought for the coming summer.  Record low inventory levels are a pattern going back at least 18 months.     

My recent posts were a detailed analysis of the Boulder real estate market.    For condos, see Happy Days for Boulder Sellers.   For houses, see Historic Floods Can't Drown Boulder Real Estate

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