About Ian Steinmo


My childhood consisted of early morning ski trips, mountain bike adventures, and having unnecessary amounts of sunscreen applied to my face by my parents. I was two when we moved to Boulder, when my dad got his first job teaching political science at C.U. We fell into the lifestyle, and in love with the state very quickly. 

As much as I loved this life, I felt compelled to explore things unfamiliar to me, and expand my horizons beyond Colorado. After graduating from high school in Boulder, I dove into something fairly unfamiliar – a year abroad in Norway, where I was part of an outdoor education program that any Colorado kid would dream of. As a Norwegian citizen, and an avid outdoor enthusiast, I felt challenged but also deeply connected to my roots.

Still, my curiosity in the world surged and I next attended Johns Hopkins University where I received Deans List honors studying International Relations and Mandarin Chinese.

A few days after graduation, I launched myself into something totally unfamiliar by hopping onto a plane to Shanghai, to search in a booming economy and society. I sensed that as China grew in affluence, young people would want to enjoy the outdoor world much like my friends and I did in Colorado. With this in mind, I located a small Chinese company that sold outdoor sporting goods throughout China and talked my way into a sales position there. The next three years were spent traveling across China with a duffel bag filled with samples of outdoor gear conducting presentations and clinics in Mandarin.

My next challenge kept me in Asia but took me back to working for a US-based company, CamelBak Products. As head of sales and distribution for the Asia/Pacific region, I relocated to Singapore, where I oversaw 16 countries – from Vietnam to New Zealand.

After a total of seven years working in Asia, I was ready to repatriate to the U.S., and transitioned to the company’s headquarters in Northern California. My territory and responsibilities expanded, leading me to run sales, distribution and financial management of Asia, Oceania, South and Central America. Throughout this period, I pretty much lived on planes and in hotels. While I loved the challenge of international business and working cross-culturally, I wanted to live and work within a community, and return to the beautiful place where I grew up.

My Mission:

I started to dream of what it would be like to move back to Boulder and be closer to my family.

In 2017 I moved back to Boulder where I was introduced to Osman and Sophie. The two of them sold me my home in Martin Acres. As a first-time homebuyer I was astounded by how complicated the process is and was astonished by the value that great agency provides the buyer. There is no way I would have ended up with the home and investment without their guidance.

At this time, I began to think that my experience in doing business in dynamic markets and working with very diverse people might offer some skills that could help me transition the real estate market of my hometown. I began to follow the local market and eventually decided to transfer some of my skills I built in the corporate world to help people within my community make smart real estate decisions.

I have always believed in attaining a deep understanding of markets and using this analysis to add value to customers. I work closely with clients and do my absolute best to guide and advocate for them throughout a complicated process.

Buying and selling property is challenging, particularly in the booming Front Range. It would be a pleasure to help you find a smart investment and wonderful home.

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email: ian@houseeinstein.com

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