About Osman Parvez

My Mission: Empowering Informed Real Estate Decisions

Hello, I'm Osman, the founder and employing broker at House Einstein, based in beautiful Boulder, Colorado. My primary aim is to guide you in making well-informed real estate decisions, whether you're buying or selling a primary residence, a vacation home, or an investment property.

Why Work With Me?
I believe that intelligent real estate decisions stem from a deep understanding of the market. As your advisor, I take on the responsibility of a fiduciary with utmost seriousness. With over 1,200 published articles on Boulder real estate, I'm the principal author of the House Einstein blog. My insights have been featured in various blogs and esteemed newspapers like the Wall Street Journal and Daily Camera.

Background: A Blend of Experience and Expertise
Originally from New York State's Finger Lakes region, I come from a close-knit community, reminiscent of Boulder's tight-knit feel. Family holds great significance in my life; I'm happily married and cherish my twelve wonderful nephews and nieces.

Education and Career Journey
I hold a Bachelor's in biology with a focus on environmental science from Siena College and an MBA in finance from the University at Albany. My graduate studies honed my skills in investment analysis and financial modeling. Having a scientific inclination, finance became my bridge to the business world.

My professional journey spans finance and real estate, including co-founding Silver Fern Homes and serving as the Associate Director of Capital Markets for Republic Financial in Denver. I've also been involved in startups, non-profit boards, and consulting.

Real Estate Experience
My venture into brokerage commenced at Windwalker Real Estate on Nantucket. There, I provided valuable research on market conditions, secured capital for investments, and oversaw a commercial development project. Seeking sustainability and a better quality of life led me back to Boulder in 2005. After a stint at Re/Max, I founded Silver Fern, and eventually, House Einstein in 2013.

Life Beyond Work: Embracing Nature and Mindfulness
Beyond the professional sphere, I'm deeply passionate about adventure travel, skiing, running, cycling, hiking 14ers, camping, and motorcycling. Nature captivates me, and I relish understanding how things work and the art of craftsmanship.

Living mindfully is pivotal to my lifestyle; I regularly practice yoga and meditation. Additionally, I'm committed to giving back to the community through my involvement with non-profit organizations.

Get in Touch
To connect with me directly, feel free to call at 303.746.6896 or drop an email at osman@houseeinstein.com. I'm here to assist you in making informed real estate decisions and embracing the Boulder lifestyle.

Please Note

This document contains forward-looking statements. You are strongly cautioned that investment results are subject to business, economic and other uncertainties. There are no guarantees associated with any forecast and the opinions stated here are subject to change at any time. Always consult your financial advisor before making an investment decision.