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In the past, Fresh Listings were publicly available on our blog but due to rules that govern our industry, comments on active listings must be private. We can't tell you what we really think unless we email it to you. 

Our promise: High quality content on the local real estate market, including honest insights into recent fresh listings and notable sales. No spam, ever

Our goal is to help you make a smarter real estate decision. If you'd like to discuss your real estate situation with us - just let us know in the form below. We won't contact you, otherwise.  

Want know more? Read: An Important Announcement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where are my Fresh Listings?
A: We can only deliver this content via email. Sign up below. 

Q: Didn't you use to publish this on the blog without a sign-up form?
A: Yes, but then a Realtor complained to the MLS. Now, the only way to provide our honest thoughts about active listings is to send it to you privately.  

Q: Does it cost anything to sign up?
A: The content is free. It's also hyper-local and hand crafted content. 

Q: Does this establish a client relationship with House Einstein?
A: No. Signing up allows us to give you our honest opinion about new listings without violating any rules.

Q: What if I have a relationship with another Realtor?
A: That's fine. We hope we can win you over next time. 

Q: Will you spam me with emails, letters, and phone calls?
A:  If you'd like to discuss your real estate situation with us, just let us know. We're happy to help. Otherwise, we won't contact you. This email report only go out about once a week. 

Q: What if I'm a Realtor myself? 
A: Awesome. Let us know if you have any feedback. And if you're looking for a better brokerage experience, call us.


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