Real Estate Links for the Boulder Region

by Osman Parvez

Vail Dollar Volume exceeds $2.0BN. While I was working on Nantucket, I thought $1.0BN was a high water mark! It's expected to exceed $1.3BN this year, and the wave of wealthy Baby Boomers seeking luxury second homes is expected to continue.

Intelligent office space? File this under trends to watch. Factors driving the trend of living closer to downtown
(re-urbanization): More workers are choosing flexible work, keeping offices at home, with easy telecommuting. Thus, the value of neighborhoods where you can walk to the grocery, park, playground, shopping, and cafes will continue to increase. The Realty Unique team keeps a home office and is conveniently only a short walk from Base-Mar plaza and a 15 minute bike ride from downtown Boulder.
FasTracks & Transit Village Update! It looks like the rail maintenance facility won't be in Boulder after all. Phew! Yes, additional jobs would have been great for Boulder's economy. But having another large industrial facility (eyesore) in town was not such a bright idea. We featured an article on FasTracks and Transit Village in our most recent Realty Unique Report. For a copy, please contact us.

Former Senator Tom Daschle is hosting the upcoming Construction Lending Seminar in Avon. Clearly the most interesting topic will be whether growth is expected to continue and what builders will do in a downturn. As we've noted previously, we believe in the event that downturn Colorado will not suffer as badly and recover more quickly than the overheated metro markets of the East and West coasts. We issued a piece on the bubble in our first report. For a complimentary copy, please contact us and we'll send you a link to download.

Real Estate Briefs from the Denver Post. A new community center on the south shore of Aurora Reservoir, a new upscale development in Golden by KB Homes, plus the latest mortgage rates.

We already updated you on the (slight) decline in mortgage rates. Here's a nice graphic showing average mortgage rates for Denver, Arapahoe, and Adams Counties for last Wednesday and the previous 52 weeks.

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