Site Down, Service Outage

by Osman Parvez

For a few hours this morning our blog was down. As you probably know, we use Google's Blogspot service and apparently many blogs shared in the misery of today's service outage. If you happened to visit the blog this morning and found an error page, please accept my apologies.

FYI - Blogspot generally provides a very fast, efficient service but we're also exploring options to bring the blog "in house." When we do it, the blog will likely function as the home/landing page for (our primary site). Because there's many pros and cons to making that switch, including hosting with potentially slower servers and less reliability than Blogspot, we have yet to pull the trigger.

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  1. Osman, how much per month does it take to maintain your blog? Just ball park numbers if you will. Thanks again for great analysis.

  2. Osman,
    I too am considering buying a domain name for my blog. I have found blogger to be kind of inflexible and annoying, at times. I have no idea what I'm going to do and when, though.

    In other news, do know anything about this rumor that congress is trying to dis-allow (not a word, okay, okay) tax deductions for mortgage interest? Or has this been a long time coming (or not coming) and I'm only caring about it now because I have mortgage interest that I want to deduct...

  3. Sorry for the delay in responding. Been a little swamped the last few days.

    How much per month? The dollar costs are minimal. Even if you buy your own domain name and pay for hosting, it's a drop in the bucket.

    The real cost is your time to write quality content on a regular basis. And don't underestimate that factor. I believe the best content is original stuff written by the agent/blogger. Paying for content for blogs is a poor substitute (and I know there are shameless marketers trying to convince you otherwise).

    If you don't think you can generate regular, interesting content on your own I suggest looking for local blogs that might be interested in republishing your content for a byline.

    Caroline, I do recommend going your own domain route but you'll find pros/cons to any blogging platform. I recommend checking out wordpress and moveable type.

    As for interest tax deductions, I too heard that congress was thinking about striking the benefit. But given the flat wages in many parts of the country, the recent change in bankrupcy laws, and slowing real estate markets - I doubt they'll do it. The political costs would be far too high.

    But better double check with your tax advisor. She'll be more in tune with coming changes in the tax laws.


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