Template Updates

by Osman Parvez

The time has come. A few weeks ago we upgraded to the new Blogger. Now I'm going to ditch the old template (which hasn't been displaying properly in Firefox). If you're interested in blogger template stuff, read on. Otherwise, just bear with me while I go through the process. Ideally I'll be done in a single day, but it could take longer.

I'm shooting for three columns and better look/feel. I'd also like to employ monthly/quarterly/seasonal header images rather than the same old leafy thing.

I'm not sure I can do 3 column when the main column has to be at least 500px wide. Otherwise the images I use in my charts/graphs will be goofy. Feedback on these changes, particularly from people using Mac OS/Safari would be appreciated.

Away we go...


1. The three column layout seems to be working in both Firefox and Internet Explorer (IE). The columns should also stretch to fill the monitors of those with wide screens.

2. The Caribou pic is obviously a placeholder.

Feedback welcome!

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  1. I love the new template! It makes Silver Fern so much more visible/easier to find. Excellent!

  2. Thanks for the thumbs up Boulderite. I'm pretty excited about the changes. Tweaking it to look right in both Firefox and IE has been challenging. No idea if it looks right in Safari.

  3. Not sure why the carribou picture is a placeholder. Gorgeous photo. Peraps carribou are not native to Boulder. In any event I want to live, eventually, with that kind of view from my backyard

    PS. looks good on Safari viewed on a MAC laptop

  4. Frickin Sweet! I like the idea of switching pics every season. When I think of Boulder, I usually think of Dave Matthews Band jamming at Folsom.

  5. Yes I like the photo!! Very Colorado-y! :)

  6. Thanks for the feedback. Maybe I'll leave the Caribou for now and rotate it out in February. Good to know it looks OK in Safari too.

  7. hallo there, may i ask where did you get this template? thanks and cheers

  8. I modified an existing template, though I can't recall the name of it. If you search around the web for blogger templates, you'll find hundreds of possibilities.


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