Up, Up and Away!

by Osman Parvez
When I mention the subdivision of Martin Acres (a.k.a Martian Acres) most people in Boulder know the area to which I am referring. It's that South Boulder neighborhood with more than its fair share of 1960's, 1000 square foot, 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom, brick ranches.

Love at first sight is rare in a "mid century modern" area such as this one, that was once heavily rented to CU students. But Martin Acres is more than meets the eye and it's on the move...

Homes in this Boulder entry level neighborhood are in demand. Average days on market are low and year over year appreciation has been strong. Martin Acres is now a vibrant neighborhood of singles, couples, families and older folk. It boasts daycares, schools, parks, bikepaths, convenience to main commuter arteries and bus routes, and a strong, committed (free) neighborhood association.

At any given time it seems there is at least one home being 'popped'. It's a major renovation involving adding a second story and changing the entire look of the house, and one by one, changes the look of the neighborhood.

Such house belongs to friends and clients of mine. I thought it would be both fun and educational to share the trials and triumphs of their business, Hayanna Construction, as they take 70 S 32nd Street from a small, dirty, inefficient and ugly house to a home that will be functional, beautiful, and very soon...

Their journey began on July 1st... Day 1
The tenants moved out and the demolition crew moved in. Things happened so fast the workers even got ahead of the permits!

The inside is already unrecognizable.

Taken from what was the living room, this shows the empty kitchen to the right and the area that was hallway and two bedrooms on the left.

This photo was taken from the north-west corner of the house and looks toward the family room. The door you see at the far end is to the garage... a no-go zone right now.

The backyard landscaping has seen better days, but the best are still yet to come!

Take a good look, because it won't be like this for long! Then subscribe to this blog or check back in regularly to see this outdated, brick ranch be transformed over the next 3 months, to join the growing list of Martin Acres "pop-tops".

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