Peloton - Save $100K?

by Osman Parvez

Hmm... the Peloton is offering a $100K discount on condos. Ah, but today only. Seems I was right to hold off on that Vespa. I'm going to try to swing by the sales office to hear their pitch.

Frankly, with this promotion not to mention the advertising saturation, it doesn't seem like the Peloton is selling so well. This latest push, assuming it's true, also seems like quite the smack in the face to buyers who already put their deposits down at full price. It reminds me of Steve Jobs recent marketing goof when he dropped the price on the iPhone only end up cutting a $100 check to early buyers who paid full price.

By the way, this isn't the only "one day only" type sale we've seen recently. I appears agents are finally getting more creative in tough markets.

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  1. "Buy now or be priced out forever!" Perhaps there isn't an endless supply of people who think that paying a half million dollars (or much more) for an apartment is the road to riches.

    It bothers me that what made Boulder- the people, the researcher living next to the deadhead living next to the professional roadie living next to the schoolteacher living next to the programmer- can't continue as they can't afford those places without a suicide loan. So now it's just old money or irrational credit- the subprime mortgage broker living next to the trustafarian living next to the empty unit owned by a flipper living next to the couple approaching bankruptcy (none of whom remember the 1990 Denver market).

  2. I wouldn't buy a Peloton condo if you paid me. (Well, okay, if you PAID me, I would...) I would have a heart attack trying to get through that traffic every day. I think Boulder's got a really bad thing going with that issue...and the Peloton is kinda in the thick of it.

    Keep us posted--I'd love to hear how to get a hundred grand off...

  3. Eh, traffic schmaffic. The HOA includes an Ecopass and you can walk to Transit Village. :P

    p.s. I crashed the open house and Caroline, I think it's actually quite nice. Here's the post.

  4. Wow, you get an eco pass? Ok, that's cool. I'd be way more interested then...moving on to your next post...

    PS. I am admit that I am less tolerant of traffic than 99.9% of the population, and it's only gotten worse since I started taking the bus all over Denver several times a week.

  5. I don't know that I would equate the iPhone reduction to a one-time contest. If they dropped all open units by 100k then that would be comparable. Either way, keep up the great inside scoop! I hadn't heard about the EcoPass. I used to work right off the Pearl St mall and loved the EcoPass. (I now ride my bike to work, but still miss the free ride from time to time.)


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