Adverse Possession Brouhaha

by Osman Parvez

The comments I've gotten from on the adverse possession of private land by two legal eagles (see Gimme! A Legal Land Grab) has been startling. This issue really sparks a reaction.

Although I can't share their off the record comments, some laced with colorful metaphors, here's a few snippets from letters to the editor of the Daily Camera:

November 12:
"Gaining ownership under adverse possession can only happen when titled owners exhibit an uninterrupted disregard for another's use of their property for many years."

November 14:
"Bob Greenlee's column on adverse possession (Nov. 4) was a welcome opening to the subject of adverse possession. Our family recently endured six years of legal agony and expense defending a beloved portion of our property in Boulder from an adverse-possession claim by our next-door neighbor, Marsha B. Yeager, an ultra-conservative judge."and...

"Developing an obsession with the details of property ownership and with making sure your neighbor never gets the better of you is not a progressive attitude, but is one, apparently, that needs to be exercised in Boulder, as property values, population and population density continue to rise."

November 15:
"Bob Greenlee's column about two local attorneys using a rare legal tactic to grab their neighbor's land seems to have hit a nerve with some Boulderites, who took exception to his swipe at the progressive community of Boulder."

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