Washington Village Under Fire

by Osman Parvez
Neighbors of the Washington Village Cohousing Development filed a lawsuit today.

From the Daily Camera:
The lawsuit, brought by neighbors who live next to the former Washington School at 1215 Cedar Ave., alleges the Boulder City Council broke the law in changing zoning lines to accommodate a proposal to build homes, condominiums, commercial space and a "co-housing" community.

The complaint lists as defendants the city of Boulder, the City Council and the Wonderland Hill Development Company, which brought the plan forward.
The suit contends that the zoning change broke the law because it "confers a special benefit on (Wonderland Hill Development Company) to the detriment of the community as a whole, and therefore, is illegal spot zoning."

Meanwhile the petition drive continues unabated. Given the number of people involved, the passionate efforts on display, and now this lawsuit... I think it's an ominous sign for the development.

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  1. Good for the citizens of Boulder! This is one major reason why I love this town. While people in most other cities will complain and moan about unjust acts perpetrated by their political representatives, Boulderites don't just stand there and take it. They FIGHT BACK!

  2. Blech. Fight back indeed. You're an uninformed moron srfgecko. Zoning is not immutable - never meant to be. Where do build more densely if not within 2 blocks of downtown? Erie? Best NIMBY's in the country, Boulderites. Hypocrites too. Less density, longer commutes, higher home prices. Green indeed. (groan) Read up on the disappearing tax base, the coming fiscal meltdown,the aging population. Wonder why? All the young workers/families can't afford to live in Boulder,commute from Westminster, Lafayette, Erie, Longmont. Wait until they dream up the commuter taxes - see how that saves the town. See: Philadelphia for how great that one'll work.

  3. Hey (nameless) "anonymous",
    "Zoning is not immutable"? Who the hell said it was? Anyhow, interesting economic forecasting. LOL. I get such a chuckle from your sort - the chicken-little, apocalyptic, fortune-tellers of Boulder's dire, devastating, distintegrating economy. Gimme a break. There is a reason why everyone wants to live and work and play in Boulder, and it sure as hell isn't the concrete jungle of mountian view-blocking housing that is pocking the landscape, regardless of proximity to downtown. Go back to California, you Californicator, and take your falling sky with you.

  4. Man, and I thought srfgecko was dumb. Californicator? Chili Peppers already suing for the misuse of that lame tag - can we think of anything better (betterer?). Nell Carter takes the cake. Read up - falling sky forecast courtesy of Boulderites (not me):
    Here's your econmic forecast straight from your elected officials, you know, those dudes you elected to handle your budget, figure out how to pay for all you (truly) wonderful amenities, and keep out the riff raff simultaneously. It's called reality dude - something folks outside of (and a few inside - ever look?) deal with every day. They have quite a task ahead of themselves, your city council, and I hope they see the light and make Boulder's future inclusive, not exclusive. California and Boulder are becoming more and more synonomous to me - not for real people. Philadelphia Nell, it says Philly...now tell me to go back there


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