FAR Issue Tonight

by Osman Parvez

If efforts by City Council to limit house sizes in Boulder concern
you, I encourage you to attend or watch tonight's meeting. If you wish
to speak, better arrive early to sign up (I recommend a few minutes
before sign up opens at 5). Here's the press release...
FAR issue on Planning Board meeting agenda Thursday
A public hearing with the Planning Board is scheduled for 5 p.m. on
Thursday, April 3, in the City Council Chambers, 1777 Broadway,
regarding approaches to interim regulations that may provide
additional limitations in single family zoning districts aimed to
protect neighborhood character. The Planning Board is also expected to
make a recommendation to City Council at this meeting.
Over the years, concerns have been expressed by members of the
community regarding out-of-scale new homes and additions in
established residential neighborhoods.
Currently, a maximum floor area ratio (FAR) limit of 0.8 exists in
the Residential - Low 1 (RL-1) zoning district only. The City Council
identified addressing the issue of FARs/ pops and scrapes as a high
priority at its January retreat, and indicated a desire to put in
place some interim measures, as well as a longer-term solution that
would require broader community discussion and analysis. This issue
was discussed at the joint Planning Board/ City Council Study Session
on March 13. At its March 18 meeting, the City Council requested that
Planning Board provide input on an interim ordinance.
The full agenda, including a staff report, is available on the
Planning and Development Services Web site at
www.boulderplandevelop.net, click on the "Boards" link on the
left-hand side of the screen. The house size limitation issue is item
5A on the agenda.
This meeting will also be televised live on Boulder's Municipal
Channel 8. Visit www.boulderchannel8.com for the live webcast and to
check the program schedule for rebroadcast times.

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