The Fed's Foreclosure Map (New!)

by Osman Parvez

There's a new foreclosure map worth checking out.

The Federal Reserve's dynamic map is a very powerful tool for seeing current areas in trouble and possibly forecasting the future. You can zoom down to the City level and see the difference between zip codes, toggling between Subprime and Alt-A loans. In Colorado 6.8% of subprime loans are in foreclosure and 1.9% of Alt-A loans.

Here's a few maps I generated from the site (darker= higher percentage):

Subprime loans that have had a late payment in the last 12 months:

Subprime loans that were originated with low or no documentation:

On the Fed's site, you can choose maps that show
  • Loans per housing units,
  • In foreclosure
  • Using ARMS
  • 90+ days delinquent
  • Median combined LTV
  • Share low FICO high LTV
  • Low or no doc
  • Had a late payment in last 12 months
  • Have an arm resetting in 12 months
  • And more

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  1. I'm actually a little surprised the Fed would put this information out there so openly. They really aren't known for how open they are with information.

    But the map is really pretty useful, not to mention a bit disturbing. It looks like things will keep getting worse before they get any better for many areas of the country. The map is also a pretty useful tool for looking into the future of the housing market a bit.

  2. Tha's one area of in which Bernake has focused a lot of attention on. He's be alot more open about th ewhat the Fed is thinking, and has stoo by his pledge to keep business in tuned to what plobymakers are thinking


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