Is This House Hot Or Not?

by Osman Parvez

Introducing a fun new poll. Is this House Hot or Not?


I'd thought I'd add some levity. So, take a look a moment to look over the poll in the sidebar. Click the link for the house, where you'll find a Google map, property details, and more pics. Then take the poll. You'll see the results afterward.

If you have any comments, leave 'em here. I'd love to hear from you.

image: jpockele

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  1. I've been helping to implement this feature into the blog, and I have a few comments.

    First, I hope that readers will enjoy the polls. We have the comment system, but this is a way for more instant interaction/feedback.

    Second, this is a work in progress (after all, Gmail is still technically a "beta" product), but that means there are a few bugs. At this point, the most noticeable bug is the "view results" link right after the "Vote & See Results" button. It simply does not work. It will take you to the website embedded in the blog. If you want to see the results without voting, or if you have already voted, just hit the "Vote & See Results" button.

    We will probably continue to tweak not only the visual dimensions of the poll space, but also the content, format, and features. Most polls will be open for 1-2 weeks, so get your votes in!

    Stay tuned, and don't forget that we love to hear your feedback.

  2. Overall, this is a great looking house and while the price is high by most standards it's not all that high for Boulder (~250K/sq.ft.).

    Two comments that I think might help you sell this house more quickly:

    1. The front landscaping isn't appealing. Based on the pictures, it simply doesn't have the curb appeal that buyers are looking for at $825K.

    2. The pictures of the front of the house don't do it justice. My first reaction to the thumbnail picture was that it looked like an old 70s split-level - then I read that it was new construction. For so many buyers these days their first impression is the online thumbnail photo, so if that doesn't draw someone in they might skip over the listing entirely.

    I hope you find that to be constructive and helpful feedback.

  3. Interesting that folks, per the poll, think the price is too high. Even more interesting when the original listing price of this house is revealed. Ready? 985K. Puh-leeze.

    Looks like it's in backup status, so I guess they have an accepted offer. I'll be curious to see what the final take is on this house, which looks to be an agent-orchestrated flip. Agree with previous poster who suggested it would have been more had they not bungled the exterior. Besides the yard, the siding has a "cheap" look. Interior looks pretty well done, if a bit cliched at this point. Size is good, and I happen to like the location. Anyway, my 2 cents.

    Keep doing this Osman. Excellent idea. I'd be happy to nominate a couple MLS#s for you, too, if you're looking for material.

    Later, Mick

  4. It's not all that high for Boulder (~250K/sq.ft.)
    I'm pretty sure $250k/sf is high anywhere but I know what you mean; $250/sf. I disagree. It is $500/sf and a finished basement.

  5. I’m a newbie...

    Agree that the front photo and curb appeal lack a great first-impression. To give credit, it’s new, tidy, built with character and has location going for it.

    For me, wiser landscape planning with punches of color to compliment and show off the $800ishK value – create “perceived” value. I’m not sold, yet. Still the Craftsman façade is missing wow-factor for a custom property. Partially I am not fond of the white trim selection (and I love white trim….just not on this house).

    The interior was better received. The material selection coordinated in cabinetry, lighting and thumbs up on the fireplace built-in. The paint color was a smart choice here to make this feature stand out while remaining classic to the style.

    All in all, who wouldn’t want to live here, and in Boulder!

  6. Thanks for participating and for your comments. They are all very insightful.

    Here's a few specific responses.

    Tom W: I appreciate your ideas for how to sell the house more quickly. They're all useful. But this isn't our listing.

    Mick Mansion: I'd love more MLS numbers to consider for future polls.

    Rob: There's always a debate over whether to include basements or not. I usually show total $/SQFT, which includes basements whether they are finished or not. Showing only finished $/SQFT treats basements as if they have no value and overvalues the house. The truth is somewhere in between. When analyzing properties for clients, we discuss both.

    3. Charm. Your comments about the house are great. Thanks for the insight!

    I published the results (live) in a new post because the sidebar version doesn't display properly. Here's a link.

  7. Quick observation: the MLS description is misleading. From a cursory look at Boulder County records, this appears to be a remodel of a 1978 split-level, NOT new construction. Listing pictures confirm this (e.g. electric baseboard heaters!). Again working from assessor's record, the total ft2 may be 10% overstated in the MLS, and the owner is the listing agent.


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