The Peloton - An Owner's View

by Osman Parvez
So what's it like to actually live at the Peloton? An owner sent us the following:
Hi House Einstein - I was reading some of your blogs about The Peloton. If you'd like the views of an actual resident . . . My wife and I moved there in June, and we adore it. The Community Center is awesome. Our neighbors are wonderful and we are "gelling" into a very caring community. The HOA dues, while expensive, cover almost everything - and electric bills are minimal. Overall, cheaper than the cost of utilities and a club membership that I used to have to pay for. And the developer has kept virtually every one of his promises, even in this terrible real estate market. Things are progressing beautifully. Happy to meet with you and chat anytime. Feel free to post this on your blog.

-Matt H.
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  1. Place looks depressing as heck. Reminds me of the "projects" back in NYC. And the location. Ooof.

  2. Ah, the classic inflammatory comment. Anonymous, as usual.

    Well, everyone's entitled to an opinion but taste is hardly universal. Having visited the Peloton a number of times, I think it's very appealing to those who want a contemporary experience. In other words, I can see the appeal for certain buyers. Just like I can see the appeal of a classic Victorian house, but not for everyone. Diversity in our housing supply is a good thing.

    As for location, there aren't many places in Boulder you could build a development like the Peloton. I think the site offers convenience and is still relatively close to downtown via bike paths. As units sell, the area will likely continue to revitalize.

  3. It's just plain ugly and overpriced.

  4. I don't mind that style as much as anonymous. If I ever buy a house it'll be a traditional style, but I like the style of these for condos.

    That said, I still can't believe the prices they're asking and certainly wouldn't pay them. The prices have kept me from ever even stepping into the sales office. I've been wondering why they haven't dropped prices since they seem to have quite a bit of inventory leftover. Any idea if/when they will?

  5. Good question. They've been dropping prices. Look to tomorrow's post for an analysis.


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