Hot or Not: 120 30th

by Osman Parvez


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Original Post
It's time to choose. The listing in question is 120 30th St.

From the listing:
6 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms
2611 Square Feet
Highland Park/Martin Acres area
0.14 Acres
Priced at $579,900

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  1. nice home-too many bedrooms for the sf. a bit high for the area it is in.

  2. I don't find anything repulsive about this house.

  3. I agree. In my opinion, there's nothing really repulsive about this property. My tongue-in-cheekeyness is coming back to haunt me. I'll probably change that second category to "least appealing" or something similar.

    I dig the interior, I don't mind the location, and the price is somewhat reasonable. The exterior is good, but I'm not really a fan of the color, and the lack of garage stinks, so exterior wins (loses?).

  4. Looks overpriced given that it has no basement, no garage, and is so close to Broadway.

    Is this in line with comps in Martin Acres? Seems high.

  5. For a newly remodeled home at that location, the price per square foot is exactly where it should be. There are two large problems with the home:
    1) No garage. You NEED at least one car garage to sell in this location
    2) No continuity of design... It has the head of a cat, the body of a horse, and the tail of a peacock. Individually, each is very pretty, but put them together and you get a heterogeneous mix of components that contradict one another.

  6. Please consider making 2016 Walnut your next Hot or Not candidate. I'm curious what your readers think about this house. Thanks.


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