MLS on a MAC?

by Osman Parvez

Are you an agent accessing IresIs (the MLS) on a Mac using Parallels, or equivalent?    My Thinkpad is on its last legs and if possible, I'd like to ditch Windows.

The only thing holding me back is IresIs.   

Feedback anyone?  Please leave a comment or contact me at

If I can access the full capability of IresIs on a Mac at a reasonable cost, it's adios Windows.   

p.s. I've used Excel for many, many years so I'll still likely keep using the Mac version for building models and putting together analyses.   I've also been experimenting with Google Spreadsheets.  It's OK for basic stuff and has some useful functionality like online forms,  but it's really not quite there yet.  Someday!

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  1. Hi Osman,

    I agree. YES Iresis making the MLS available to MACs!

    Also, do you have the latest version of excel? It is an improvement. e.g. you can now feeeze the heading column and heading row while moving the content on the MAC version.


  2. As long as you don't already know how to do a lot of things using command keys in, say, Word; as long as you don't mind taking a lot of 1:1 lessons from the person off the top of the deck at the Mac store; as long as you're comfortable taking 6 months to get back to where you are now in terms of competency; and as long as you don't use the back button or the right click very much, I'd say go for it. You can do almost everything on a Mac that you can do already. It just might take longer. The parallels universe is not exactly the same either, by the way. Now, if you didn't already know how to use windows and were starting from scratch or if you were primarily a movie producer or graphic designer, my advice would be different. Note also that every time you open your machine in a business environment, people will take notice. My hope was to wow them with quicktime videos, lightning speed, and cutting edge capability. After 6 months of working hard at it, this was not the result. Say, you don't use a Fujistu scanner do you? You don't expect your Apple stuff to be compatible with explorer, I hope. And so on . . .


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