Osman's Sellers Wanted [Update]

by Osman Parvez

Phew, I had a flurry of closings in April and May. Congratulations to my successful buyers and sellers.  

And now we have new clients on the prowl for a house and I know sellers are getting ready to list. It's time to update Osman's Sellers Wanted. 

Are you thinking about selling your house?   

Before you call a Realtor, consider shopping my active buyers. If there's a match, I may be able to save you thousands on commissions.  

Primary Home Buyers -----------------------------------------

Buyer #1
Price Range:    Under $800,000
Location:   City of Boulder, Preferably South Boulder
Criteria:   4+ bedrooms, 2+ bath
Type:   House
Buyer would prefer family friendly house with conventional layout with bedrooms on main and/or upper levels, solid location, Mesa or Bear Creek.

Buyer #2
Price Range: Under $400,000. Location: Boulder Criteria: 3+ bedrooms, 1+ bath
Type: House
Buyer prefers houses that need work, have a mother-in-law apartment, close to CU.

Investors ------------------

Investor #1
Price Range:   Under $400,000
Location:   Close proximity to CU
Criteria:   3+ bedroom, positive rental history
Type:   House or condo
Investor would like to acquire one per year. 

Investor #2
Price Range:  Opportunistic
Location:  City of Boulder
Criteria:   Commercial or residential income property, developable land
Investor can handle sophisticated deals, sellers should be prepared for extensive due diligence. 

Investor #3
Price Range:   Under $300,000
Location:   Within 60 miles of Boulder
Criteria:  3+ bedroom house
Type:  House
Investor prefers fixer-uppers and distressed properties.

Investor #4
Price Range: Under $300,000
Location: City of Boulder only, West of 25th st, North of Canyon Criteria: 1 or 2 bedroom Condos. 
Investor prefers properties with strong rental histories and newer construction. The closer to downtown, the better.


Please note:   The deal has to work for both the seller and for the buyer.  If it doesn't, no deal.

If there is a match between one of my buyers and your property, expect to be provided with a fair valuation for your property based on a detailed analysis of comparable sales.   

Call me if you have a house that fits these descriptions.  303.746.6896.
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