28th Street Apartments, More Rentals Coming Soon

by Osman Parvez

Rental apartment buildings must be the new black in Boulder.    They're popping up everywhere. 

The 28th Street Apartments, located next to Chez Thuy, will consist of 69 units in four separate buildings.   35 one bedroom units, 32 two bedroom units, and only 2 three bedrooms units are being built on the site. 

I happened to be nearby having lunch with a client the other day and snapped a picture of the foundation of one of the buildings being built.   Take a look. 

What it should look like when completed.

Fun Facts: 

  • Plans call for only 69 parking spaces, 8 of which are designated for disabled drivers.   Parking in this location will get interesting fast.   Expect spillover into adjacent areas.   Tow truck operators win again.

  • The lot cost $2.85MM - a nice note for tracking values in Boulder. 

  • At some point in the distant past, a trailer park named The Branding Iron existed on this site.  Hopefully the new name will be better. 

  • All units will be permanently affordable, the construction of which is linked to Gunbarrel Center.  

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