Sales Roundup - Higher End in Boulder

by Osman Parvez

To advise clients well, it's important to stay on top of the market.  That means rolling up your sleeves and tracking sales in specific neighborhoods, for different property types, and varying price points. 

Last week we looked at recent sales for investment condos at the entry level of Boulder's real estate market.   Today, let's look at the most recent higher end home sales.  

2380 Panorama.  Asking $819,000  Sold: $804,000
I absolutely love this neighborhood.  It's so close to downtown Boulder and many of the homes have spectacular views.    Just not this one.    A few doors down and you'll find a completely different story.  

On and off the market since 2009 (originally asking $899,000), the layout of this Frankenhouse is quirky at best and appeared set up for creating supplemental rental income.  I took several buyers to see it during the very long listing period and their reaction was always the same - puzzlement. 

The buyer paid $804,000, but just a few years ago it was listed at $769,000.  I wonder if they knew?   Sort of important for negotiation, don't you think?  

It closed on October 30th.   Click HERE for more details. 

2065 Alpine Drive.    Asking: $1,295,000   Sold: $1,175,000
Also an easy stroll to downtown, this neighborhood is an island of high land with excellent view corridors.    If you're lucky enough to have a perch, the Flatiron views will help anchor high values during market downturns and outperform during upswings in the real estate cycle.  No view and it's far more speculative. 

This one doesn't have the view.  It does however have some beautiful, thoughtfully designed architecture.    Which is still not as valuable as a great view.   Right, Macon?

The end of summer is not a smart time to list and yet this crazy, inventory deprived market brought forth a buyer - albeit after 40 days.  With that said, the seller swallowed a hefty 9.2% haircut from their asking price.     This is why I tell my clients that the 4th quarter is prone to the largest discounts, assuming you've got an agent with negotiation skills.    

It closed on November 1st.  Click HERE below for pictures and more details. 

3855 Orange Ct.  Asking: $1,295,000   Sold:  $1,310,000
This 5 bedroom, 4 bath home was fully updated with higher end finishes.  The gourmet kitchen, functional layout, and modern touches helped.   Excellent indoor/outdoor transition sealed the deal.   

Despite listing at the end of the year, it was under contract only 3 days after hitting the MLS.    It doesn't hurt that the neighborhood is an appealing enclave of higher end homes and families.   My clients who have bought in this location report a real community feel with lots of social interaction.  

It closed on October 30th. Click HERE for pictures and more details. 

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