When They Start Screaming

by Osman Parvez

You know a showing is going well when your buyers start discussing placement of their furniture.   

When they start screaming on the other hand...     

Sellers, think about the impression you're trying to create with buyers.  It helps if you have an agent that's willing to level with you about things you might not want to hear, including - in this case - your taste.    

This is wrong in so many ways.   Seriously, I can't imagine the thought process that for placing it in a staged listing.    It's the kind of thing that leads to television personalities being kicked out of whole countries.   It doesn't belong in a house that's for sale, especially in an animal loving place like Boulder.   

Everything was going splendidly - right up until my clients walked into this bedroom.   Too bad for the seller.    My buyers won't be writing an offer on this property.  They couldn't wait to get out of the house after they saw this dead cat on the floor.

Oh well.  Into the collection of awful staging photos, it goes. 

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