Washington Village Update [Pics!]

by Osman Parvez

To help prepare for the upcoming meetup on development, I've been visiting local projects underway.    

Washington Village

I last posted about Washington Village when they broke ground three years ago but the project actually dates back at least six years.   The developer ran into community opposition and a market downturn, gumming up the works.     Let that be a lesson to would be developers.  In Boulder, it's smart to have community buy-in.       

Read more of my coverage of Washington Village HERE.

Here are my favorite pics: 

The developer describes the project as "a cohousing community in heart of Boulder. Incorporating the historic Washington Elementary School, its welcoming park-like campus will feature 33 warm and inviting private residences and a shared common house. Designed for inspired living, Washington Village is a place where mindful neighbors live comfortably – with a smarter ecological footprint." 

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