Finding The Signal in the Noise [Weekly Wrap Up]

by Osman Parvez

It can be hard to find the signal in the noise.   Let's face it, when you're buying real estate in Boulder - there's A LOT of noise. 

Here's an overview of this week's posts - all very high signal, if I say so myself: 

Fresh Listings, Get 'Em Hot - an analysis of listings hitting the market in Boulder this week.   

It's Not Bragging If You Back It Up - a success story of a buyer finding a perfect house in Louisville and beating the competition without being the top priced offer in a bidding war.   

Why Are There So Many Rookies? - An answer to the question of why it's so hard to find a competent agent.     Part of a series called What Your Agent Isn't Telling You.

Finding Houses - A Competitive Advantage?   - Strategies for the current inventory deprived market.

A Museum Dedicated to '81 - a glimpse into the past.   Part of a series of what I sometimes find in houses called Stage This

p.s. Did you know that there are nearly 1,500 articles on Boulder real estate on this blog?    This is our 10th year of obsessing over Boulder real estate. 
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