How Not to Sell It - Business Card Edition [Stage This]

by Osman Parvez

I love it when I take buyers to see a freshly listed house and we're the very first ones in the door.  The excited look on their faces.  The possibility that this will be the one.

Oh, but how do you think buyers react when they see this?  

Sellers and listing agents, unless you are trying to remind buyers that every Realtor in town has seen the place and it's STILL on the market, I suggest putting away the business card displays. This is the last thing you want potential buyers to see when they walk into your listing.   

And while we're on this topic, the only reason to carry business cards is to leave them at showings.   This is at the request of the listing agent, by the way.   The result is often moldering piles of business cards left behind to signal to buyers that they're looking at a stale listing.  

These days, if you need to exchange contact info, it's easy to do so - instantly.  Pretty much everyone is carrying a mobile phone.  The old fashioned business card?  It's a relic. 

Ooh, but that font.


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