Boulder, Can We Talk?

by Osman Parvez

Here's how last night's meeting went. 

Sam Weaver withdrew his ill considered proposal for a 9 month emergency moratorium and Council narrowly voted against a comprehensive development strategy.   The vote was 5-4 against and interestingly, fell along gender lines with male council members against the measure. 

Construction Continues at the Wencel Building (9/17/14)
As I mentioned in recent blog posts, Boulder needs an efficient public process that results in a shared vision for our future but enacting emergency powers to halt all new permits (of substantial size) wasn't the right approach.   I'm glad City Council came to their senses. 

We need to focus.  The Comp Plan is a joint project with the county, it's not specific enough.    Other planning efforts seem disjointed and reactionary.   If I was on Council, I would have actually voted in favor of a comprehensive development strategy as long as it wasn't bundled with an emergency moratorium. 

Liza Morzel's email on 9/15 nailed it.  

"Where is it Boulder wants to go, how do we want to get there, who do we want to get there, are we there, if not, at what pace will we accomplish goals?  Do we have a vision? What is our plan? Do we have a consensus? Time for community discussion."

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The Boulder Development Map

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