More on the Moratorium

by Osman Parvez

A few additional thoughts to my post yesterday on Council Member Sam Weaver's proposal for a moratorium on building permits.

1.  I'm not against additional study and public process.  I'm for that. I'm against using emergency ordinances as a policy tool.   

2.  If you're against the emergency moratorium, consider signing this petition.   You can also email Council directly at and attend tonight's public meetings.    

3. Erica Meltzer's Daily Camera article is informative.  Here's an excerpt from my favorite comment: 

If we don't like how a few buildings turned out -- that, by the way, house our workers and seniors -- then let Council and Planning Board have a study session and guide some of the projects that are in the pipeline. No problem. 

A moratorium hijacks our local democracy and denigrates the work of those in our community who cared enough over countless hours to engage and participate in our current code and land use plans. The current plans reflect our collective vision and to throw these out without process or notice sends the wrong message about how quickly that work can be undone at the whim of a few. Enacting emergency government powers without actually identifying the problem is not the kind of democracy that we all demand in this community. 

Consider that Weaver wrote and widely distributed his motion for a moratorium BEFORE the study session has even commenced or the community's diverse voices have been heard. That tells you all you need to know about whether this would be a fair process with the community's best interests at heart.

- by MattFoley847

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