What's in the Crawl Space - Bales of Marijuana?

by Osman Parvez

Last week, I took buyers to see a house in Boulder.   It had been on the market for a while, which is strange given the inventory shortage.   I suspected something was up.   I wasn't disappointed. 

When we walked around back, here's what we saw. 

Note to seller:   My buyer is seriously considering investing a half million dollars in your home.  They're going to want to see the crawl space.   Sealing it with spray foam is probably not a good idea. 

While standing outside this scary looking hatch, we pondered the possibilities.     Dead bodies, bales of marijuana, leftover water from the flood... it all crossed our minds.    

We let it go but once inside the house, it became even clearer why this listing hadn't sold. 

The tenants had a truly MASSIVE amount of personal belongings.   The stuff covered every possible surface, including the floor, resulting in a maze through several rooms.   There were bags of stinky trash in the entryway.   The tenants were also inside the house during this very awkward showing.  My clients couldn't wait to leave.    Are you surprised they don't want to write an offer?

Sorry, no picture.   The tenant's possessions are unique enough that I don't want to embarrass them, although I did share it with the listing agent.   He should know what he's dealing with and why the house isn't getting any offers. 

It's been a while since we published a picture from one of our showings.   This one took the cake.  Here's a few more in the series


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