Boulder Real Estate's High End Sales Distribution [Analyze This]

by Osman Parvez

If you're planning to acquire property at the higher end of Boulder's real estate market, caution is warranted. This market is getting very bubbly and certain locations have little history of supporting higher valuations. When the market turns (believe me, it will), the weakest locations are likely to see steep declines. This is what happened during the last real estate cycle. 

I regularly provide advice to higher end buyers in Boulder. Asset value preservation tops the list of their concerns. Suitability, their family's needs follows closely. Speculative potential is usually last. If you want to make a smarter real estate decision, my advice is to focus on proven locations.   

What are proven locations for higher-end real estate in Boulder?   

The map below is a starting point for the analysis. It shows a distribution of $1MM+ sales in Boulder over the past two years. Certain pockets of Table Mesa, Newlands, North Boulder, Chautauqua, Rosehill and upper University Hill have had a higher density of transactions. To minimize risk look to depth of market and liquidity. They're your friends. These are your neighborhoods. It's well known that Mapleton Hill also holds its value, of course, but availability is an issue. Locations east of Folsom should be avoided. 

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Purple is 2014, red represents 2013.    


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