Fresh Listings Get 'Em Hot

by Osman Parvez

[Note: We got caught up with client appointments and active negotiations last week, so this post didn't make it out the gate.   We're publishing it for the archive - O]

35 new listings hit the Boulder real estate market this week.

7 Already under contract

2 Refreshed old listings

3 Bad locations

2 Ridiculous pricing

8 Unremarkable

13 Are worth seeing. Here's our list: 

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Single Family Homes

3365 Euclid Avenue | $420,000 | More Details
The Baseline neighborhood is entry point for stand-alone, single family houses in the Boulder real estate market.   Student density is high (this one is a rental), but it's quickly becoming more owner-occupied. Some owners are also popping the top and expanding these homes, so lot size is an important consideration. This one has a generous 8,000+ SF lot, which should be adequate for most buyers (calculator).   p.s. Zoning is RL-1 for this property, not SFR. The listing sheet is wrong. 


863 Ithaca Drive | $649,999 | More Details
Great location, family friendly layout, Boulder's top ranked public schools.  

4890 Ricara Drive | $685,000 | More Details
Not sure about "very desirable," but the location is decent. The house is oriented north/south, the lot is large, and you're far enough away from Foothills that traffic noise shouldn't be a big issue. Worth a look. 


4437 Coolidge Place | $695,000 | More Details
Built in the late 70's, Willowridge Park is a little unusual for Boulder neighborhoods in how the homes are laid out in these little cul-de-sacs. Lots of wood, some of which needs some attention. A decent size home with lots of bedrooms. A minimal cost HOA adds some rules.

3133 Fern Place | $840,000 | More Details
Right next to Salzberg Park on a cul-de sac off 19th Street. Some updates inside. Giant lot, decent layout. Worth a look. 

2860 Juilliard Street | $1,395,000 | More Details
We saw this home when it was last listed in 2013. The perch was impressive, but it needed tons of work. The new owner clearly did that and much more, it looks like essentially a brand new house. Absolutely worth a look. Compare the link above with what it used to look like


1601 Redwood Avenue | $1,725,000 | More Details

3120 14th Street | $1,750,000 | More Details

434 Dewey Avenue | $2,100,000 | More Details

933 Mapleton Avenue | $6,500,000 | More Details

Attached Dwellings

1111 Maxwell Avenue 119 | $215,000 | More Details

Tucked in between Broadway and 9th is this recently updated 1 bedroom. The location is by far its strongest asset, as it's exactly between Pearl Street/downtown, and shopping to the North around Ideal market.  


3135 Redstone Lane E-5 | $354,700 | More Details
We have already seen this one with clients and liked the nearby open space, the open layout and high ceilings. Interior is a bit dated.


1301 Canyon Boulevard 310 | $1,550,000 | More Details
What you're getting is a turn-key property in one of the best locations in Boulder. You cannot get any closer to the heart of downtown. Right across the street you have the weekly Farmers Market and Central Park, not to mention that South facing view.

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