This Week's Fresh Listings [Get 'Em HOT]

Staying dry out there?   

If you're shopping for a house in Boulder, forget about the rain.  Pack your umbrella, it's time to review this week's fresh listings.   We sorted the wheat from the chaff of the Boulder real estate market and picked out our favorites.  Scrapes, overpriced, bad locations, refreshed old inventory, and other oddballs were culled.   Here's what's left.

38 new listings.   14 are worth seeing.    Let's check out some houses. 

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Single Family Homes

322 22nd Street | $1,480,000 | More Details
A tasteful design on this house both in and out. Vaulted ceilings and lots of natural light. This location is quiet and in a nice residential area of lower Chautauqua.  Here's what it looked like when the seller bought it for $965 two years ago.   Key question:  has it gained a half mil in value?

1063 Mapleton Avenue | $1,375,000 | More Details
A classic Victorian home on one of the most coveted streets in all of Boulder. Interior and exterior appear to well kept and in nice condition. A nice family layout with three upstairs bedrooms with one basement bedroom.   Due diligence tip:  Historic and on a tiny lot.  Don't expect to add any square footage.  Oh, and read up on knob and tube wiring. 

300 Hollyberry Lane | $1,375,000 | More Details

This house is nestled into the landscape and seems a bit hidden from its surroundings. It's large with outdoor deck space and right near Skunk Canyon and Mesa Trails.  Your money is paying for the killer location with value anchoring open space and a potentially protected view corridor.  Assuming you care about capital preservation, this lot is a smart choice to build on.  It should hold its value very nicely during the next real estate cycle.    Like 2595 Stanford (we wrote about it last week) expect a bidding war and for this property to be off the market by the end of the weekend.  Due diligence tip:  check who owns the land that the view blocking trees sit upon.

3243 4th Street | $1,098,000 | More Details

A family friendly 4 bed, 3 bath that's practically next to the foothills in the north west corner of desirable Newlands neighborhood. Easy access to Sanitas and excellent hiking. The house needs a serious update and the yard is overgrown, but it's adjacent to very nice open space.   Worth a look.

3825 Armer Avenue | $769,000 | More Details

Good layout, the best schools in Boulder, and a cathedral ceiling in the living room.   It backs to the plaza at Table Mesa, which might be a negative for some buyers.  Others would appreciate the easy access to prime retail. 

3860 Barr Court | $719,000 | More Details
An investment house sold and owned by one of our favorite Realtor colleagues.   A moderate size house on a decent size lot.  The location puts you in the areas best schools.  Interior finishes are basic, the layout is split.  Worth a look. 

2323 Mapleton Avenue | $698,500 | More Details
A classic 3 bedroom built in 1910 on a small lot. The location is in the heart of Boulder, easy access to downtown.  No garage but you've got two off street parking spots.   Due diligence tip:  We advise our clients to budget about 2x for maintenance and repair expenses on historic homes, even if they're well maintained.  In the city of Boulder, you don't really own one of these houses.  You're watching over it for the community.  Don't plan to change anything on the exterior.

2625 Pine Street | $659,000 | More Details
Another classic, pre-war house in a similar location to 2323 Mapleton.  This time you're looking at a smaller house but on a much larger lot.  The kitchen is nicely updated in this one. The due diligence tip above also applies.    Have your Realtor double check the zoning, if you're in RMX1 there may be some potential.

Attached Dwellings

3820 Telluride Place | $529,900 | More Details

There are many attached dwellings up on Shanahan Ridge. This is a more desirable model with added square footage, three real bedrooms, a larger kitchen, and what appears to be a private courtyard.   Due diligence tip:  Most units at this location use electric baseboard heat and 70's construction, which isn't very energy efficient.     Doesn't matter though, it will sell super fast. 

1634 17th Street Street 14 | $410,000 | More Details
These units make for a nice CU kiddie condo or income property given the student density.   Mid 80's construction. Due diligence tip:  Check for sound transfer between units and your tolerance for red Solo cups.

3035 Oneal Parkway V-17 | $260,000 | More Details
We've sold several of these units over the years at Stratford Park West.  Construction quality and finishes are shoddy, but the units rent easily and the price is right.  The bonus is the heated indoor pool and cheap HOA.    Another one to consider for a CU kiddie condo or income property.  Seriously, look past the finishes.   Due diligence tip:  If the unit has popcorn ceilings, get an asbestos test.

2227 Canyon Boulevard A-307 | $179,900 | More Details
This complex is built like a tank.   Most of the units we've seen over the years are also dark and dated.   Actually, the whole complex is dark and dated but the location is excellent for many types of buyers.    If you want lock and leave under $200K, consider this one.   Investor owned is over 50% however, so bring cash or at least 30% down. 

850 West Moorhead Cirlce 1A | $160,000 | More Details
A rock bottom price point for entry in Boulder's real estate market.   Cheap HOA, easy access to US36 or CU.   Another good CU kiddie condo.  Buyer needs to comply with a 1031 Exchange.

Investment Properties

972 Pleasant Street | $950,000 | More Details
This is a solid investment property that's very close to the main CU campus. Due diligence tip:  With 6 bedrooms, you'd be generating a decent amount of cash flow but double check whether the occupancy limits are grandfathered.  

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