PAY Below Asking Above $1MM, SELL Dumpy Houses Below $600K [Analyze This]

by Osman Parvez

Buying or selling a house in Boulder? This is what the market looks like right now. 

At prices below $600,000, more than 80% of available inventory is under contract. This is the price range where we're seeing many buyers overpay for marginal properties and where we advise the most caution for our buying clients. Conversely, it's also where we advise our sellers who own marginal properties to liquidate in order to buy higher quality assets.  

Percentage under contract drops as a function of increasing price, more or less as you'd expect. There's a bit of an anomaly in the $900 to $1MM price point. Above $1MM, the market shifts more towards buyers with less than half of the existing inventory under contract. Above $1.5MM, it's a buyer's market.    

If your agent advises you to pay your "highest and best" (i.e. overbid) without showing you the stats, get a better agent

The chart above is from our latest research report (published last week). The research report also shows negotiated discount/premiums paid, and the percentage of properties which sold over asking during the last twelve months. In addition to the house market in Boulder, the report also covers the attached dwelling (condo and town home) market.   

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