This Week: Hipster Crash Pads and Uber Green Dwellings [Fresh Listings, Get 'Em Hot]

31 shiny fresh listings hit the inventory parched Boulder real estate market this week. We sifted through the bad locations, overpriced, and otherwise unwise choices.    

If you're a regular reader of this blog, you know that we're several years into an upmarket cycle with strong appreciation. If past cycles hold true, certain locations and property types will fall further when the market turns.   

Will the real estate cycle turn? Of course it will. It always does. Choose your real estate assets (and your advisor) carefully.

Here are the 12 worth seeing: 

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Single Family Homes

570 Hartford Drive | $518,000 | More Details
Why is this worth seeing? Because it's a family friendly house with north/south orientation on a decent size lot with the best schools in Boulder. It's also an easy stroll to the Table Mesa Shopping center and the recently installed neighborhood pocket park. The HDR photos don't make up for the fact that the interior is horrible. It's still underpriced, so after the bidding war is over, try to save some money for updates.    

Protip: Choose an experienced agent who knows the contract backwards and forwards before writing the offer. You'll be waiving contingencies to get this puppy.

3210 Arnett Street | $580,000 | More Details
Another one with horribly dated finishes from the 1960's. It's also lacking a garage. So, why is it worth seeing? Because it's a 4 bedroom with a good layout (bedrooms all on the main level) ranch on moderate size lot (~8,000SF) in North Boulder for under $600K. Like 570 Hartford above, expect a bidding war.    

185 Seminole Drive | $595,000 | More Details

Keewaydin is such a tranquil part of Boulder. This 1960's split level 4 bedroom house is in decent shape. Some updates, except for the kitchen. Can you believe 3 houses worth seeing under $600K this week? Me either. 

Pro Tip: The restaurants "in close proximity" aren't particularly great, unless you're into dining at Subway. 570 Hartford is a functionally similar house in a better location at a lower (asking) price. 

980 9th Street | $675,000 | More Details
This one almost didn't make the list because 9th Street is a very busy road. The updates and outdoor living spaces helped it make the cut. It could also make a nice pad for junior while he attends CU and then could be turned into a rental.

Due diligence: It recently rented at $3500 per month.     

2495 Jupiter Avenue | $727,000 | More Details
Some updates, cathedral ceiling on the main level, and 4 bedrooms (although 2 are in the basement). The seller has owned it for 20+ years. 

4600 Nassau Place | $760,000 | More Details
There is a lot to like about Fourmile Creek. The homes date from the 90's and there is plenty of nearby open space. The downside is the location doesn't have the track record of other neighborhoods in Boulder and it's not quite as walkable either. The layout of this one is particularly attractive (3 on the upper level). Worth a look. 

4542 Sprucedale Place | $859,900 | More Details
Northfield Village shares some of the pros and cons of Fourmile, but it's even newer. It was built in this century!   That translates to a great layout, more storage than you probably need, and spectacular energy efficiency. The downside is that you'll probably need to drive everywhere or bike, at a minimum. 

4020 Chippewa | $1,050,000 | More Details
A large ranch with all the bedrooms on the main, lots of updates, and a pool. As usual, the HDR photos make it look better than it does in person. The key benefit of the location is the access to adjacent open space, trails, and nearby retail. This could make a great pad for aging boomers with no stairs to climb and a therapy pool in the backyard. When you get tired of the maintenance, you can check into the nearby retirement center and truly age in place. Looking at the photos, it reminds me a little of the house from The Graduate. It's the pool that Dustin Hoffman throws himself into during the opening scene.   

One word: Plastics. 

1887 Orchard Avenue | $1,800,000 | More Details
Named "Solar Harvest", we think this one will go pretty quick. It's a net zero home on a keyhole lot in North Boulder. The master is on the upper level, no clue about the rest so we'll hold our comments about the layout. At more than 1/2 an acre, the lot is ginormous. Finishes look pretty good although the photos appear a little cramped. Worth a look.

Attached Dwellings

2625 Juniper Avenue 21 | $345,000 | More Details

Cute 2 bedroom, 1 bath in an OK location. Finishes could use an update. The key advantage to this one is the main floor bedrooms and the bonus loft on the upper level. Think of it more like a three bedroom...  

3910 Colorado Avenue D | $420,000 | More Details
For this type of property, I love the location. The location is easily rentable to young professionals or graduate students. It's right by CU's East Campus. It's also not far from the new Googleplex. Hard to believe pricing is over $400K for a 2 bedroom, so double check the comps before submitting.   2625 Juniper (above) might be a better value. 

1641 9th Street #2 | $619,000 | More Details
A funky crash pad for the urban hipster. This one is stumble distance to downtown and practically on top of the Boulder Creek path. The listing is touting the architectural details.   Worth a peek not for that alone but the strong history of price appreciation, even during weak market periods. 

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