Dirt With a View and Turn Key Luxury [Fresh Listings, Get 'Em Hot]

29 listings hit the Boulder real estate market this week.   

We culled the refreshed listings (7 this week), overpriced, bad locations, and otherwise less than desirable options. If you're buying real estate in Boulder, here are 11 you should see.  

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Single Family Homes

437 18th Street | $2.8MM | More Details
Beautiful trophy on a large corner lot in upper Chautauqua.   At this price point in the Boulder real estate market, we expect a home to check the majority of our wish list. This one doesn't disappoint, with the exception of not having direct access to open space or killer (protected) views. Those two factors limit downside risk when the real estate cycle turns.   Remember, smart real estate buying starts with choosing the right house. When you cross the $2MM threshold in Boulder, buyers have more selection and negotiation leverage. If your agent tells you differently, get a better Realtor.

970 Union Avenue | $1,795,000 | More Details
It's rare to find brand new, ready to move-in high end construction west of Broadway. Everything is on the main level in this 2500+ SQFT, not too small, not too large custom ranch style home. Location is excellent, halfway between Uptown and Lucky's and with easy access to Wonderland Lake open space.

1012 Hawthorn Avenue | $875,000 | More Details
What you see is usually what you get (WYSIWYG) with historic homes in Boulder. This one has classic architecture and design features, plus great outdoor living spaces. It's a touch small, but would work for many home buyers. The big negative is that it lacks a garage for storing the usual hodge podge of Boulder outdoor gear. On the flip side, they've converted what was the detached garage into a studio.

Attached Dwellings

2320 Spruce Street | $724,900 | More Details

Lock and leave is what buyers of higher end town homes and condos want. This one is in an excellent location but we'd also like to see an additional bedroom and a more open floor plan. Worth a look if you're shopping for a property near downtown, mostly because your options are so limited. See yesterday's blog post (The Last Surge of Summer) for an analysis of inventory of attached dwellings. 

2950 Broadway Street #1 | $439,000 | More Details
Red Arrow is a micro development, not far from downtown Boulder. It's one of the more architecturally interesting complexes in the City (with a unique history). Units are rarely available so call us quick to set up a showing (303.746.6896). Due diligence: Some of the units suffer from traffic noise from Broadway. This one seems underpriced. 

290 Spruce Street D | $550,000 | More Details
Another micro HOA (only 4 units) in the complex and only 1,000 SF but priced about right for this location and the relative scarcity of non CU student attached dwellings available in Boulder. Finishes are dated (some clearly original from the 70's) but there will likely be a bidding war given the proximity to downtown.    

3234 Redstone Lane C-8 | $369,900 | More Details
On the surface, this one seems cheap for Shanahan Ridge.   Before writing that offer, evaluate the comps for location within the complex, access to interior open space and protected views. Over the years, we've evaluated dozens of units in this development and some are far more desirable (rentable, resellable, livable) than others. With the patio and overall condition, this one is worth a look..

2420 9th Street 4 | $390,000 | More Details
9th Street is a main north/south street and the build quality at this complex is not particularly great, but it's under $400K for a 2 bed/2 bath with this proximity to downtown, Ideal Market, and Sanitas. Worth seeing.

4620 15th Street C | $435,000 | More Details

The Holiday Neighborhood and adjacent Uptown Broadway should see a substantial increase in value when the Armory project is completed. Even now, it's a very desirable north Boulder neighborhood that should continue to see improvements as the janky industrial/commercial properties on the west side of Broadway are redeveloped in coming years. This one is a 3 bed/3 bath with a traditional layout and reasonable square footage. Recent construction usually translates to energy efficiency and less deferred maintenance. Basic finishes, so there's room for improvement. 
Hint: There's a reason yours truly owns an investment property in this location.

5530 Stonewall Place #16 | $169,000 | More Details
This made the cut because (a) it's not permanently affordable housing and (b) it's only $170K and has a cheap HOA. It's easily bikeable to CU and not on the Hill or in the party zone for serious students. CU parents, if you're sick of paying rent to a slumlord, this is a good option for your kid. 

Vacant Lots and Land

1805 Bluff Street | $985,000 | More Details
How often do bare lots show up with nearby historic properties, right in the heart of Boulder? Pretty much never. The view in the photo is probably make-believe, but it does offer the promise of "sweeping views." You have to go stand on the ground to find out for sure.  Call me to discuss valuation.

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