Pop Or Not?

by Osman Parvez

Martin Acres is one of our favorite Boulder neighborhoods.  Everyone from growing families to college students put their roots down, making the area a diverse part of town. Many of the original owners are still residing in the neighborhood. Martin Park is one of the locations best amenities, along with close access to the rest of South Boulder and its many retail and recreational offerings.  

Over the years, many owners within the neighborhood have chosen to "pop the top" and expand their homes from the typical original 1950's ranch style. A unique group have completely scraped the old houses and rebuilt fully new residences.

This week, we wandered around the neighborhood and captured some of the biggest and most architecturally interesting houses, as well as one that is currently under construction.  

The first house shown below is a personal favorite. 

We like how they kept the original foundation, brick and bottom half of the house and built upward in a fun and unique way using a wood exterior. The slanted ceilings and windows create a home that feels larger and lets in more natural light. The builders also did a nice job matching the style of the house with the back garage that also has a slanted roof.

The above house located at 285 S 42nd Street is another great example of upward expansion from the original house. The light brick is a tasteful compliment to the popped upper level of the house, as well as the front porch addition. 

11 homes have sold in Martin Acres in the last six months. 10 of those homes sold for asking price or higher. Those that were uniquely desirable because of location, or special design features such as custom work, all sold for prices higher that asking. All of these original homes were built between the mid 1950's and early 60's and have 1000-2200 finished square feet. 

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Martin Acres Pop Top Map

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