CU Kiddie Condos, Flips, and Family Homes - This Week's Fresh Listings [Get 'Em Hot]

It's that time of year. Fresh listings are getting few and far between so we've broadened our scope this week beyond Boulder to include Longmont, Louisville, Lafayette, and Superior. As usual, we've culled the bad locations, the sneaky refreshed old listings, known poor construction, and other un-worthies. 

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Single Family Homes

331 Indian Peaks Trail W | $825,000 | More Details
The more desirable west side of Indian Peaks. Large, family friendly, and built in this century. At this price, it's a value investment for a buyer who needs a large family house and an easy commute.  Ignore the low resolution listing photos. Go see it.


7341 Poston Way | $613,700 | More Details
We sold a house on this street in Gunbarrel earlier this year. Great location, 90's era construction, family friendly layout, and we can personally vouch for the neighbors.   Bonus: three car garage. 


450 S 39th Street | $549,000 | More Details
A basic Martin Acres ranch with a basement. The deck in the back is a nice bonus. Yard isn't completely trashed like most of the former student rental houses. My rule of thumb is to be at least 3 houses in from a busy street. This one just made it.   Priced right. 

7 S Gay Drive | $322,500 | More Details
A flip in a good location of Longmont. The investor paid $251K in a foreclosure sale in late July. Old listing photos show a pretty decrepit house (link). New pics show the investment put in. At $322,500, the investor is keeping his profits reasonable and looking for a fast turn. 


2996 25th Street | $635,000 | More Details
Are basic ranches with mild updates now worth more than $600/SQFT in North/Central Boulder? Short answer: Maybe. We were in a tense bidding war for one of these this summer and walked away when the price exceeded $700/SQFT. That particular ranch house merged two of the bedrooms into a master and had many updates, including a detached workshop.  This one is not as updated but still worth a look.

6697 Bean Mountain Lane | $489,000 | More Details
No interior photos are always a red flag, but if you're looking for a sub $500K house you simply can't leave any stone unturned. 90's construction. Sold about a year ago for $422K. Here's what it looked like the last time it was listed (photos).

1515 Greenlee Way | $435,000 | More Details
Most of our buyers either love or hate Anna's farm. The lot sizes are tiny but the development is still awfully cute in an artificial Disney-esque way. This 3 bed, 3 bath house is on an interior street (doesn't back to Wal-mart) and the seller is the original owner.

715 W Lois Court | $483,000 | More Details
I almost didn't include this one because, well... I might want to buy it and don't need the competition. A large ranch style house with all the bedrooms on the main, not too far from downtown Louisville. Your buyer's agent better be a great negotiator because there will likely be a bidding war.   Remember, it's not the highest offer that wins.  It's the highest price that actually closes.

Attached Dwellings

804 Half Measures Drive | $475,000 | More Details

Over the years, Prospect has become a very desirable place to live and it's rarely available.  Like most of Longmont, the market in Prospect got slaughtered during the last downturn. To point, the sellers only paid $274K at the bottom of the cycle in 2009. Has it gained $200K in value? Gotta see it to believe it.


1842 Canyon Boulevard #215 | $300,000 | More Details
This one almost didn't make the cut, but the location is desirable and will likely continue to demand a premium for the foreseeable future. Due diligence: Popcorn ceilings from the 60's and 70's have a high probability of asbestos. Test and mitigate. 

1850 22nd Street #13 | $639,900 | More Details
These units are in a solid location that continues to draw investment (look next door).   This one has had some updates and should be in turn-key condition.  Inside tip: The sellers are good peeps and the listing agent is a heck of a pitcher.


20 S Boulder Circle #2110 | $198,500 | More Details
Near open space, easy commute access to US36, not too far from Table Mesa retail. 80's construction means less risk of environmental hazards and somewhat better energy efficiency. This one has some nice updates and a garage.


109 Pheasant Run | $269,000 | More Details
Less than a mile from downtown Louisville. Easy commuting to Boulder. Decent layout and 80's construction. We've seen a lot of these units over the years and they have investment potential. Owners are continuing to upgrade/invest, so worth a look.

2707 Valmont Road B-202B | $139,999 | More Details
Super cheap CU kiddie condo. Not on the garden level. Worth considering if you're done paying Boulder rent for your CU student. Warning: The development can feel a little like a 70's Atlantic City motel but at least you'll own the room.

To schedule a private showing, which includes a discussion of valuation and price trends, call Osman at 303.746.6896.
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