Longmont's NextLight Forges Ahead, Boulder Flounders in Muni Quagmire

Longmont's NextLight Installation in Progress
In case you forgot, Boulder is still trying to buy an obsolete electrical grid while Longmont is actually installing fiber to houses.   Boulder's muni efforts have already cost taxpayers millions of dollars (the city admits to $5.9MM).  If successful, municipalization will substantially increase your monthly utility costs even under the most favorable modeling scenarios while doing nothing to reduce our carbon footprint and fight climate change.   

Let's face it. Municipalization is a money hole.

Instead of fighting Xcel and indebting taxpayers for little return, we could be installing solar panels and Tesla batteries in all of the homes in Boulder, something that would actually reduce our long term carbon emissions and give Boulder true energy independence.

Boulder could also invest in a municipal fiber network, like Longmont and get rid of Comcast's effective monopoly.   Think about that when you vote in the next city council election in 2017.


  1. So, Xcel monopoly = good
    and Comcast (which doesn't have a monopoly - I get internet from CenturyLink) = evil?

  2. If you need reliable internet service in Boulder, Comcast has an effective monopoly. They're charging 2x the price for less than 1/10th speed that NextLight promises.

    The solution isn't to buy Xcel's near obsolete distribution network. It will leave us with minimal leverage to negotiate with power providers (= higher rates) and we'll still need to service the monumental debt required for the acquisition (= much higher rates).

    One possible solution is invest in local solar and wind. Another possible solution is to invest in large scale green power production in locations even more favorable to production far from Boulder and use the profit and carbon credits to offset our usage here. Have we explored these alternatives? Of course not. They don't benefit the vested interested in Boulder who want to own a distribution network.

    Buying a rusted out Model-T for the price of a Tesla is idiotic. Only a shill would deny that there are far more efficient alternatives to achieve our supposed goals of energy independence and carbon neutrality.


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