Historic Chautauqua and More [Fresh Listings, Get 'Em Hot]

Ready to take a walk through the latest available homes? Here is what's worth seeing in Boulder real estate this weekend.  

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1527 Pine Street | $2,450,000 | More Details
A large pre-war Victorian with classic lines, in a prime location within the Historic District. Hasn’t traded hands in more than a decade. No garage and a small lot are potential issues. 

Due diligence: Your house search and negotiation strategy should reflect growing inventory supply above $2MM. 

2424 6th Street | $2,300,000 | More Details
Another gorgeous pre-war historic home in the District, coming in at just under $500/SF (including the basement). This one has an attractive floor plan and tasteful updates. 

Due diligence:  Your house search and negotiation strategy should reflect growing inventory supply above $2MM, even in the Historic District. 

110 Chautauqua Park | $1,950,000 | More Details
If the past is a guide, historic homes in highly desirable cities make exceptional long-term investments. The key is selecting a true coveted asset and one which won’t break the bank for maintenance and repairs. Many historic Boulder properties have been neglected over the years, with crumbling foundations and other major potential issues. 

While not downtown, Chautauqua Park is an important part of Boulder’s history. With recent renovations to the dining hall and other structures at Chautauqua, the future is bright for this highly desirable location.  

The home at 110 Chautauqua Park is large enough, with adequate bedrooms and baths to function as a spectacular family retreat or vacation property. 

Due diligence: Many Chautuaqua owners make their properties available to others for vacation rentals.  Be sure to check the impact of the new short-term rental ordinance before putting it out for rent. Also, most of the homes in Chautauqua don’t make for great year-round use due to limited insulation and heating systems, but this varies from cottage to cottage. Make sure your inspector specializes in historic properties. 

2942 4th Street | $1,349,000 | More Details
Over the years, we’ve seen a few multi-level homes on 4th street hit the market. In short, they tend to have funky layouts (raised living area, kitchens on the lower level, etc) which can be problematic for some buyers. The trade-off is the quick access to trails (social or legit) and the proximity to downtown. 4th Street is also one of the main cycling routes to popular loops to the North. This particular house has some nice updates and an ADU on the lower level, which could provide at-home care or au pair quarters.

Due diligence: Check into the transferability of the ADU license. If the owner has let it lapse, it may not be renewable due to density restrictions on ADUs. Don’t ass/u/me anything.

5251 Olde Stage Road | $1,150,000 | More Details
We've helped many clients buy and sell mountain properties in the Foothills around Boulder. Keys to long term satisfaction include neighbor sanity, privacy, driving distance, winter access, and fire defense. This one checks a lot of boxes and the view is spectacular. We can't vouch for the neighbors.

1107 Cedar Avenue | $924,900 | More Details
Not much has changed with this house since it was last on the market (and sold) in 2013. Space is a little tight for full-time family use, but for the right small is beautiful owner, the proximity to downtown, and potential supplemental rental stream from the ADU, it is a winner. 

Due diligence: Check into the transferability of the ADU and new regulations regarding short-term rentals in Boulder before the end of your due diligence period.   

1927 Pine Street B | $615,000 | More Details
A large two bedroom unit in a desirable part of downtown Boulder. Built in the 80's, super cheap HOA. Downtown living at a bargain price. Includes a carport. 

635 Walnut Street 3 | $525,000 | More Details
Another inexpensive condo in close proximity to downtown Boulder. This one is smaller but only has a reserved parking space. The last time it was on the market was more than 20 years ago. 

2945 Broadway Street | $450,000 | More Details
It's a subdivided historic house, right on Broadway. Funky, in need of tons of updates, but an interesting project for the adventurous (or foolish?). 

1455 Yarmouth Avenue 211 | $399,000 | More Details
The North Boulder Subcommunity continues to develop at a blistering pace. Not only are there a number of great nearby restaurants, but the Armory re-development is set to kick off shortly and the strip club is slated to disappear within the next couple of years. Lock and leave, easy access downtown, and a reasonable monthly HOA fee.

Due diligence: No garage for bikes, skis or camping gear, bummer. 


2320 W Hecla Drive | $624,900 | More Details

Steel Ranch is a highly desirable part of town and Louisville schools outperform nearby Lafayette. This one is recent construction and works well for downsizing boomers who want to be close to the grandkids, but still enjoy the amenities of Downtown Louisville. 


2441 Waneka Lake Trail | $675,000 | More Details
If you need a large family friendly house at a price that won’t break the bank, this one is worth a look. The location makes for a fast commute into Boulder and a reasonable drive to job centers along the tech corridor. The open space around the lake is a big bonus.  

Due diligence: 90’s era finishes need some updating and the location might have some traffic noise. 

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