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by Sophie Kloor

Design is critical to our enjoyment of interior spaces and our behavior within them. According to the EPA, the average American spends 93% of their life inside. Working with home buyers and sellers over the years, I’ve seen how well staged interiors with functional layouts have a strong impact on desirability.  
Want to feel inspired? Check out this website that showcases the work of talented English interior designer Ilse Crawford. She is fascinated by the way people behave in different spaces and deeply observes how remarkably impacted human beings are by our surroundings. Ilse has designed everything from airport lounges, offices, hotels, personal homes, apartments and more. In recent months, I've become wonderfully infatuated with her work.

Interior design has been an interest of mine for many years. Since an early age, I have been fortunate to travel and visit a whopping 42 countries by my early 20’s. I’ve seen, experienced and absorbed a lot of spaces. More recently, I’ve found myself particularly taken with Nordic and Scandinavian design. Its mesmerizing style of perfect simplicity, clean lines and cool colors is the most aesthetically pleasing design style I’ve seen in the world.

For the majority of people, a clean and organized space can increase productivity, workflow, and overall levels of contentment. Icelandics and Scandinavians certainly believe so, as do I myself! On a recent trip to Iceland last year, I fell hopelessly in love with the capital city of Reykjavik. With an entire population of only 300,000 people on the chilly island, I found these special people to have exquisite taste, particularly when it comes to how they design and decorate their spaces. From compact, 200 square foot studio apartments to large commercial spaces, these viking people of the north understand that interior spaces should be organized, sleek, comfortable, cozy and most importantly, inspiring! I’ve taken this sense of minimalism and clutter reduction into my own life, and continue to implement this process every day.  

During my visit to Iceland, I had the pleasure of finding the remarkable Kex Hostel, located in the heart of Reykjavik. The word Kex means “biscuit” in Icelandic. To my surprise, the hip hostel/hotel, bar and event space was once a biscuit factory, since converted into one of the most gorgeous spaces I have ever absorbed. At Kex, they've mastered the perfect mix of modern and hip design, wonderfully complemented by high levels of coziness and warmth. It was a place I never wanted to leave, and a place I felt deeply inspired in. 

With a circular bar in the center of the space, Kex boasts a beautifully open layout that features a mix of comfy leather couches and seats by large windows, overlooking the rugged, dark and stunning sea. It was here where I felt instantly at home. The warm lighting, bright natural light, and enormous amounts of books created the perfect spot to spend an afternoon, while sipping a delicious Icelandic craft beer. 

kex bar.jpg


Thinking locally, design in Colorado is quite different compared to places like Iceland or Scandinavia. Americans execute a wide variety of ways in which we decorate and design our homes. Having grown up in Colorado, I’m a big fan of a mountain house rustic feel and decor, although it has to be done tastefully. 649 Valley Lane is a perfect example of what could be transformed into a beautiful mountain retreat-like home. We've previously highlighted and written about this house in our weekly fresh listings post. Large windows and vaulted wood ceilings look out to endless pine trees. I would love to sit out on this deck with my guitar, get inspired and take in the peaceful environment. This space could easily be converted into a beautiful mid-century modern or chic style interior. Take a look at the current home on the left and future possibilities, displayed on the right. Beautiful, isn't it?

valley ln.jpg


I greatly enjoy advising our clients through the process of successfully staging their homes for maximum desirability and marketing potential. I help our clients through an emphasis on simplicity and spaciousness. I want potential buyers to enter a home and picture their future within a property, surrounded by their loved ones, and their specific possessions. The key to effective staging is for buyers to feel a sense of inspiration and hope for the future when entering a new space. Through depersonalization, de-cluttering, and some simple design, I assist sellers in enhancing their home's livability, charm and best highlights. I understand what elements work and flow together when it comes to staging and designing your dream interiors. Ultimately, it’s about successfully working with the unique needs of every type of individual or family to achieve your goals and dreams. 

Don’t hesitate to reach out if this post resonates with you! I’m a Boulder native eager to grow my community and enhance my connections. If you, a friend or family member are looking to buy or sell real estate in colorful Colorado, give me a call. I’ll work tirelessly on your behalf as your personal advisor and advocate for your specific needs, while treating you with the utmost warmth and integrity. 

Reach me at: 303.875.3140.

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Image credit: Breather and Jarand Løkeland

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