Cohousing - What Is It and How Does It Impact You?

by Sophie Kloor

I was born right outside Boulder. Most people don’t know that I was raised in an unconventional way. I grew up at Nyland Cohousing Community in Lafayette, Colorado. The majority of buyers and sellers alike have little to no idea about Cohousing, and how it can impact real estate options. 

What is Cohousing?

Cohousing revolves around the concept of intentional community. Owners and renters live private lives in homes or apartments, while they simultaneously share common spaces such as open space, playgrounds, community gardens, sports areas, woodshops and more. These shared spaces traditionally include a “common house” containing an event space, kids play rooms, music rooms, meditation spaces, gyms and industrial sized kitchens. Many communities have outdoor parking lots, shared pedestrian, car free walkways and are limited to roughly 40 homes or less. Communities host a large variety of events for those both living in and outside of the community to attend such as meals, workshops, concerts, classes and much more. Those in Cohousing communities share values deeply rooted in community, connection and sustainability. 

How did it start?

The modern concept of Cohousing originated in Denmark in the 1960’s. Individuals and families found themselves unsatisfied with existing types of housing and communities. The first community project known as Sættedammen formed north of Copenhagen in 1967. It would serve as the first cohousing community and as an example for countless others around the globe in years to come. Sættedammen still exists today as a thriving community. 

I feel immensely grateful to have grown up in a place with unique and special values. Nyland is set in a peaceful environment, located outside of Boulder on 42 acres of gorgeous open space. In my experience, the intention of Cohousing is to place emphasis on neighborhood interaction, engagement and communal growth. Residents have choice over their specific level of participation in community involvement, including examples such as shared meals, work days, holiday celebrations and more. 

Local Cohousing Communities:

There are 15 established Cohousing communities within the state of Colorado and 11 currently in formation. The majority are located on the Front Range. Within the Boulder area alone we have several communities. 

Boulder Creek Community, was formed by a good friend of ours and is located within the Gold Run Condos. 

In Central and North Boulder alone there are four Cohousing communities.

Nomad, Wild Sage, Silver Sage and Washington Village

Nomad is a small community of 11 units, tucked right behind the Nomad Theater. 

Wild Sage is a larger community with 34 units, nestled in the Holiday neighborhood. 

Silver Sage is nearby in Holiday and is designed specifically for seniors. 

Washington Village was built within and around the historic Washington Elementary School and consists of 36 private residences, 2 commercial units and a large shared space. It’s located right off Broadway in Central North Boulder. 

Last, is my childhood home of Nyland Cohousing. Located east of Boulder off Baseline Rd, Nyland has 42 private homes, 42 acres of open space, and many shared community amenities. 

To learn more and view a comprehensive directory of all existing national Cohousing Communities, click here. 

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