Modern Farmhouse Fantasy [Fresh Listings Get 'Em Hot]

By Osman Parvez
The modern farmhouse is rapidly becoming the most popular architectural style for new homes in Boulder. This week, you've got several to consider, each of which blends clean, crisp design on the inside with classic lines on the exterior. 

Of course, there is a big difference between an actual farm and modern farmhouses, but if you're looking for the real thing, we've got you covered too.  A new listing just hit the market with 40+ acres and water rights.  It's minutes from Boulder proper. The farm equipment is negotiable. 

Are you shopping for a house in Boulder?  Dozens of new homes hit the Boulder real estate market for the first time this week. We've sifted through and picked out the best, properties with compelling locations, exceptional design, or long term investment potential.   

Yes. It's supposed to snow on Saturday but don't let that stop you. Let's get out there and see some houses. 

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Sold Listings of Note
Recently closed transactions to highlight market conditions.

3091 10th St | $3MM | More Details
A tasteful gut, remodel and expansion of a historic bungalow in Newlands. Sold before it was entered on the MLS. The price point of $626/SF (finished) is a good benchmark for the location and the cost of new construction in the current market. Corner lot, close to the park. Triple wide lot. Pro-tip: Be sure your buyer's agent is broadcasting your search in the brokerage community, or get a better agent. The vast majority of deals in Boulder are done by a handful of agents. 

1930 Bluebell Ave | $1.1MM | More Details
There is a lot of demand for redevelopment opportunities in Boulder. The key factors are location, age/design of the existing structure, and the size of the lot.  This one checked all three boxes.  Sold for ~13% over asking, cash. BOOM.

430 S 40th St | $800K | More Details
From the outside, you're looking at a typical unassuming south Boulder ranch, common throughout Baseline, Martin Ares, Majestic Heights, and Table Mesa neighborhoods. Inside, it was completed redone with exposed steel beams, vaulted ceilings, a gourmet kitchen, modern fixtures, and more. Turn-key, ready to go. The location was subject to some traffic noise, otherwise this was a gem. Sold for a symbolic $1K over asking, 6 days on market before it was under contract. 

Fresh Listings
The best of Boulder real estate and beyond.


2015 Orchard Ave | $3.4MM | More Details
A newly constructed farmhouse style home on a quiet street with a large lot. We're not sure about the location being all that coveted, but the design of this high-end house is visually stunning. It’s an elegant interpretation -  rustic in some ways and modern in others. A blend of styles on the outside, clean and crisp design on the inside.  It’s also a generously sized home.  Worth a look. 

2075 Balsam Dr | $3.4MM | More Details
An appealing home in a truly coveted location on the Alpine-Balsam perch.  Views to the north overlooking Boulder, foothill views too.  A moderately sized home with a sizable lot. Due diligence should include a review of the engineering for the retaining wall and exploration of any possible hillside stability issues. 

1411 Kalmia Ave | $2.2MM | More Details
Another brand new, modern farmhouse, close to parks, Wonderland and Lucky's. Modern and bright.  Excellent indoor/outdoor transition, something most buyers want. This one is larger than 3091 10th (above) but to the north and east. Valuation changes rapidly as you cross Broadway, be sure your agent helps you analyze the comps before you offer.  

To schedule a private showing, which includes a discussion of valuation, negotiation strategy, and market conditions, call Osman at 303.746.6896.

746-748 19th St | $2.1MM | More Details 
Here's a duplex investment opportunity with nine licensed bedrooms and adequate parking. Due diligence should include verification of rental licenses, Smart Regs, and rent income potential. 5 min walk to campus. It's being marketed with a cap rate of 4.8% based on projected rent, but as always, test it against your own investment model.  

965-967 Marine St | $1.9MM | More Details 
Another multi-family investment opportunity. This time it's supposedly a four unit property, marketed as having a cap rate of 4.6%, with a good location between campus, The Hill and downtown Boulder. Acceptable finishes and condition for a college rental.  Pro tip: Due diligence on a historic house that has been converted to multi-family is not for the faint of heart. It should include verification of legal status, licensing, and regulatory compliance. Historic homes also have their own specific areas for inspection, including knob and tube wiring and often crumbling cobble stone foundations. Don't rush it. 

1127 Barberry Ct | $1.3MM | More Details
We took our clients to see this property during the pre-MLS marketing phase last week. It's an attractive home but still has that multi-level (raised dining, sunken living room) thing that was popular back in the 70's.  On the plus side, it's on the better side of Devil's Thumb, further from the transfer station.  It obviously needs some updates, but the bones are pretty solid.  Small yard, but easy access to South Boulder open space.  Devil's Thumb also has a semi-private neighborhood pool and other amenities. 

1466 Easy Rider Ln | $950K | More Details
Here's a fun fact. Once upon a time, a drive-in movie theater existed where the the Holiday neighborhood is today. The films are long gone, but the neighborhood still has the original sign. Although this house was constructed a decade ago, the design and appeal of New Urbanism continues to attract to a wide variety of buyers. It's efficient and functional.  These properties usually don't stay on the market for long.  

1557 North St | $800K | More Details
This location of this home is very attractive - on the cusp of downtown, a short walk to Ideal Market. The cute 50's ranch isn't all that remarkable however, the real value is in the redevelopment potential. Walkable to retail and restaurants. Quiet street. Due diligence: This property is in the 100 year flood, which results in high insurance costs and creates additional layers of constraints for redevelopment. The restrictions relate to technical thresholds for substantial improvement and substantial modification. Talk to your agent for details.  

2959 Eagle Way | $515K | More Details
We gave you a heads up on this listing a week ago and now it’s officially on the market. Check out the beautiful photographs and note the proximity to Google’s campus, bike paths, and more. 

4254 Monroe Dr D | $440K | More Details
Upper level two story with views in Park East Square, surrounded by green space, near paths and parks. This is a highly rentable location, although mid 70's construction quality was marginal at best. These make for good CU kiddo condos.   

To schedule a private showing, which includes a discussion of valuation, negotiation strategy, and market conditions, call Osman at 303.746.6896.


9247 N 63rd St | $1.6MM | More Details
Yuge! 46+ acres of highly desirable SW Longmont farm land with water rights. This is the spot for a hobby farm/estate.  We've already started the legwork for one of our clients, but this is likely out of their price range. As Boulder continues to Aspenize, these estates will likely become rarer and rarer. 


141 Roosevelt Ave | $1MM | More Details
Corner lot, spacious. Next to coal creek trail, across the street from the community park.  A solid location, with easy access to downtown Louisville.  The five bedroom, four bath house itself almost looks like a townhome complex from the listing photos. A conservation easement will limit the development potential of the farm across the street (check). Generous oversized garage for the toys. It all adds up to a value investment. Worth a look.  

To schedule a private showing, which includes a discussion of valuation, negotiation strategy, and market conditions, call Osman at 303.746.6896.

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