Business Update 3/5/18

by Osman Parvez
One of Lindsay's beautiful pieces
Here's our business update for the week:
- One of our regular blog readers shared positive feedback on this series of business updates. Thank you. We'll continue with it. We always welcome constructive feedback, whether or not you're a client. Feel free to post a comment or send an email.    

- Our office exhibition from local artist Lindsay Jane Ternes has wrapped up. We loved having her beautiful art on our walls and it received many positive compliments from visitors at our office. If you're interested in checking out her work, her website is here. The next artist we had selected bowed out at the last minute, so we're currently looking for local artists who might like an exhibition space to show off their work. If you're interested, contact us for details. 

- Our first House Einstein podcast is complete and we're finalizing its publication on Google Play and iTunes. We can't wait to share it with you, likely before the end of the week. 

- The blog is being updated this week. Sophie and I are both excited about the changes. The new look is clean and minimal. See you later, 2005.

- We helped one of our buyer's find an awesome house in central Boulder and put it under contract at a reasonable price towards the end of last week. Now the due diligence begins in earnest. The best part of this particular property is the buyer's short commute to work. Commute time is one of the most important factors in long term satisfaction and it's often overlooked. Inspection is underway today. Sewer scope and radon results are due Wednesday.

Cookies are for CLOSERS
- Our listing on Eagle is approaching the finish line and is scheduled for closing next week. The sellers have been wonderful to work with through the entire process. From our initial meeting, staging advice, professional photography, pre-mls and active mls marketing, negotiation, and now in setting up the closing itself. Their thoroughness, clear communication, and integrity has been wonderful throughout. The buyer and his agent have also been reasonable and straight-forward. We'll discuss that deal more after we close next week. 

- Sadly, we pulled one of our listings after only a few weeks on market. The seller decided to rent the property instead of selling it. At our postmortem meeting, our client's feedback on our work was positive, due to personal reasons he changed his mind on the need to sell. What did we learn? We learned that we need to have more in-depth discussions with our sellers about their goals and make sure we have agreed not just on a strategy, but on a timeline. The property was getting a decent volume of of showings and I have no doubt it would have sold as the market moves towards the usual spring rush. The seller's decision to pull it caught us by surprise. Had we known that this was his plan, we would have approached our efforts differently. We put in a lot of work on this one.

- A couple of months ago, Sophie and I began covering each other's clients on an alternating weekend schedule. This allows us to have time with our respective partners who, like most people, have weekends off.  The weather this Saturday was spectacular, so Leah and I biked the Coal Creek Trail for the first time. A mostly gravel, rolling path that runs from Erie to Superior, with many scenic points along the way - this trail is perfect for a gravel bike. If you happen to ride it, check out Grasso Park for a history lesson on Superior and a look at the historic jail cells. For bike commuters, it's a real treat. The west side ties into Marshall Mesa open space or take the US36 Bikeway the rest of the way into Boulder. On the east side, you'll have a close up look at fracking operations that are potentially impacting Lafayette and Erie real estate markets, as well as large city owned solar arrays.

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