New Listings, Closings, Offers, Ventures, and Partnerships [Business Update]

Business update for the week ending 4/8: 

-One of our buyers successfully closed on a property in Central Boulder. The home was updated by the seller, but there's still a few things left to be done. The location offers great access to the Goose Creek path and Downtown. The most important factor for real estate happiness is commute distance and the new owner can be at her job within 10 minutes by bicycle. 

-We extended a new agent an opportunity to join House Einstein. We'll introduce her in a few weeks as we get her onboarded. She's a great fit for our team and we're excited that she chose us over several other options. 

The sign is up!
-We took a new listing in Louisville, which we've begun marketing via our social media platforms. Our socials now get thousands of hits per day. Once the home is professionally photographed and ready for showings, it will be officially listed on the MLS. In the interim, it's available for well qualified, serious buyers to see on a very limited basis. The house itself is a 3 bed, 2 bath ranch, with a number of updates, in a great location. Bike paths, parks, and excellent open space are just around the corner. It also features an authentic Japanese garden. Contact me for more details. 303.746.6896.

-We launched the House Einstein podcast series. Our first episode features an interview with Ray Tuomey of McLean Forge. I'm super excited about this new initiative as an avenue for fun, experimentation, learning, and deeper friendships. I hope you enjoy the conversation. New episodes will be coming soon.

Teamwork at McLean Forge
-The farm deal continues to move ahead. It's a project I've been working on for several months which touches on sustainability, permaculture, and business cooperatives. The deal itself has a number of moving parts. Frankly, the complexity and due diligence required is on par with much larger, multi-million dollar business deals I was involved with in the investment community. Once we're inked, I will share more details on this project.  

-One of our buyers decided to pass on what first appeared to be an attractive newer house in Lafayette. It checked a lot of the right boxes - south facing, great layout, good finishes but it had been on the market for some time. Initial due diligence uncovered a problem with the sump pump and drainage around the foundation, which had been poorly designed. The seller/builder (Meritage) supposedly had corrected the issue with a new sump pump and redesigned drainage, but left the stained carpets. Although the problem might have been fixed, our buyers rightfully decided it wasn't worth the risk to take on. There's always another house. Note to seller: If your property has been listed for months in a hot segment of the market, something is wrong. Real estate is not just a functional purchase. Emotions play a big part of the decision. The human eye is drawn to what's inconsistent (i.e. water stained carpets).  

-Another one of our buyers wrote a strong offer on a property in South Boulder. It's a larger home, in a good location, and suits their young family very well. We're cautiously optimistic as we stand by for a response. As Tom would say, the waiting is the hardest part

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