Where to Get the Best Mortgage Rate

by Osman Parvez
A lot of people are asking me who has the best mortgage rate. Time to invoke the wisdom of the crowds.

If you've recently refinanced or taken a new mortgage, or if you plan to do so in the near future, please leave a comment with the following:
Principal: (The amount financed, i.e., $375,000)

Rate and Structure:
(i.e., 4.9% fixed, 30 year, conventional)

Fees and Points:
(i.e., $500 closing fee, 1 point or $3,750)

Estimated Loan to Value:
(i.e., 75%)

Date Closed:
(i.e., 12/15/2009 or "next week")

Property Location and Type
: (i.e., Boulder, primary residence, single family home)

(i.e., Wells Fargo)

(If you recommend the person, go ahead and provide a name and number)

(i.e., "Jane was the nicest, most straight forward lender I interviewed and she had the lowest rate by far!")
Naturally, we have a list of lenders we often send clients to, but rates and programs change all the time. Bottom line: Mortgages are a commodity and you have to shop around to get the best deal. I look forward to your comments.

image: Brian Sawyer

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  1. Principal: 200k
    Rate and Structure: 4.5, 15 year fixed.
    Fees and Points: 1.25 pts. + $1225 fees (total $3800)
    Estimated Loan to Value: 200k vs. 350k = 57%
    Date Closed: Way too long, est. end of Feb.
    Property Location and Type: Mountain property- Coal Creek Canyon, primary residence, single family home
    Lender: Bank of America.
    Contact: Brad Calhoun Brad.Calhoun@bankofamerica.com
    (tell him the Fleshinator referred you!)
    Subjective: Secure lender. Rates same as other *good* ones i.e. Wells Fargo, Citi. Costs lower as we had existing loan with lender and are on their premier plan.

  2. Principal: ~100k
    Rate and Structure: 4.5, 20 year fixed.
    Fees and Points: $0, if I keep the mortgage for 2 years
    Estimated Loan to Value: 77%
    Date Closed: Dec 29
    Property Location and Type: Boulder 1 bd condo, primary residence.
    Lender: Elevations Credit Union
    Contact: Amanda Martinez
    Subjective: Cheap! Was only available at 4.5% for a month or so, and I kept calling to verify it wasn't a scam. Had to have a high FICO score and less than 80% LTV. Not sure what they're offering now.


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