Louisville, Get it Hot [Listings]

by Osman Parvez

If you're shopping for real estate in Louisville right now, take a peek at this house.   I was at this listing earlier today to take preview photos for a client.    It appears they are going to pass on it, so I'm sharing it with you on the blog.

As you should already know, the real estate market is extremely active.  37% of inventory in Louisville is currently under contract, which is absurdly high for January!    Let's be honest.  At least half of inventory at any given point is probably not worth considering (unfixable layout or location issues).  This means the real percentage under contract is closer to 70%... in January.

Bottom line:  In this market, if you see something attractive - you need to move quickly.   Here is my client preview of the house at 481 Muirfield Ct (listing sheet).     Don't be thrown off by my critical comments in the pictures below.    When I preview homes for clients, I point out both pros and cons.

If you want to see this house, give me a call at 720.310.5007.  

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