Showings for the Weekend? [Listings]

by Osman Parvez

Yay!  The weekend is upon us and there is a pile of new inventory.    What's worth seeing?   Let's walk through it.

A quick search of the MLS shows 24 new listings hitting the Boulder market since Monday.   I removed 13 of those listings because they're either refreshed old inventory or spec projects (i.e. imaginary houses).     That leaves 11 worth your consideration for this weekend's showing schedule.   I think 8 are worth a look.

Let's take a closer look (all the listings).

Ready for showings?   Let me take you to see these properties this weekend.   Call me at 303.746.6896.   

1895 Alpine is a nice looking 2/1 condo in a good location.   You're reasonably close to downtown but 19th street gets a moderate amount of traffic (through street).  Garden level walk-outs can also give some protective parents pause, but otherwise this might work for a student or a young professional.    Worth a look.

4725 16th.   Over the years, the relatively new Holiday Neighborhood has gotten much better.  Where it once was filled with empty spaces, you'll now find a tidy selection of restaurants and other retail options.   Most of the residential units are intelligently designed, which means you get a lot more utility for your square footage and higher energy efficiency.    Not a good choice if you commute to Denver, however, and try to avoid the through streets.  The seller of this 2/2 town home paid $337K when she acquired the unit in 2007.   The asking price is $335K.   Worth a look.

530 Mohawk Drive #81.    Don't you just love listings without photos?     It's an 1,100 SQFT 2/2 built in 1998 with a reasonable HOA.    The location is close to a major grocery plaza and access to Foothills Parkway.    It's pretty good if you have family in Frasier Meadows or a student attending CU.     The units are recently built and reasonably efficient.   The grounds are well kept and it's possible that you'll get underground parking.  At the asking price of $336K, you're only $40K from buying a real house without the HOA.   Depending on your needs and capacity for dealing with maintenance, the regular stand-alone house might be a better choice.    Skip it.

3701 Arapahoe Ave #104.    You're looking at a 1/1 in The Peloton, which I've covered extensively in previous blog posts.      The Peloton is a nicely designed, efficient complex with some of the best HOA amenities in Boulder.   You'll pay for that, of course, but like I said -  they're very nice.    There's a few reasons to be cautious about The Peloton, including uncertainty regarding the rental scenario with two newer buildings.     Most of the buyers I've taken there have a love it or hate it reaction when they see The Peloton (same with Holiday neighborhood, actually).     The seller of this particular unit paid $381,615 in 2008 and is asking $378,000.   My database shows 2012 market rate sales for 1/1's ranging from $266,750 to $338,500.    Asking $378,000 seems like wishful thinking but if you're a buyer, it's still Worth a look for comp purposes.  Maybe the faucets have solid gold inlays or something. 

2857 Springdale Lane.      Gold Run is very well situated for students or young professionals, but there's a fire history you should know about and the entrance to Springdale Lane feels like a crusty alley.   With that said, I'm still a fan and back in the day, Gold Run was my first Boulder residence.  Perhaps I'm just nostalgic.  The big benefit is being right on the Boulder Creek Path, which gives you easy access to CU.  There is tons of retail nearby, plus Scott Carpenter park with it's massive outdoor pool.  This unit is a 3/3 with 1,800 SQFT on two levels and has a 1 car detached garage.   That SQFT may not be correct, so bring your tape measure.  The owner paid $374K in 2003 and the asking price is  $419K.    Worth a look.

30 Benthaven Place.     These condos feel more like real houses and the location is very desirable.    You've got the best public schools in Boulder and reasonable space, plus a two car garage.   This 3/2 is 1,600 SQFT and the asking is $460K.    The owner paid $430 in 2011 but the unit has some updates.  The HOA is $250 a month.  If you want lock and leave and you'd rather not do exterior maintenance, this one is definitely worth a look.

1905 Dartmouth Ave.   This location is very desirable, you're on a dead-end street with trail access.     The house itself is only a 3/2 with a 1 car garage but it's a respectable 2,572 SQFT (with basement).    Because it's also on a large lot (important due to compatible development restrictions), this one might be a solid foundation for a more interesting redevelopment.   In other words, you could live in it as-is or build your dream home (now or in years to come).  The seller is asking $648K and it's been in the same family since the 1970s.   Due diligence tip:  Check the view corridors.  It's worth a look

2160 24th Street.     Too late, it's under contract.   In this market, if you snooze you lose.      With that said, I can see why it's already gone (3 days on market!).     It's priced right ($650K), has a functional layout and is in a good location.    Plus, everyone loves a Victorian - right?   Too bad, it's GONE.

1555 Norwood.     This 3/3 on 3,454 is large enough and the lot is a decent size at roughly 9,000 SQFT.     The trouble is that Norwood gets some traffic (through street) and two of the bedrooms are on the lower level, which is not desirable for most buyers.    The asking price is $699K and the seller paid $410K in 2000.    Showings are not allowed until 1/24, so it's not really a possibility for this weekend.   This one gets a drive-by.

695 Ithaca Drive.     The location is very good, but you're a little close to Table Mesa Drive.   It's a 5/4 spread on 2,500 SQFT with a functional layout.    The lot size is decent and you're in the best schools.    The house has updates throughout.   The asking price is $739K with the same owner since at least 1995.   This is definitely worth a look.

 1045 Spruce Street B.     Marketed towards 55+ buyers, this unit looks and feels historic.   It's also in an ideal location and the HOA handles the exterior.     Everything is on one level and it's very tasteful, updated, and appears to be well maintained.   It's only 5 years old, it should be.     The seller is asking $750K and paid $685K in 2010.   The asking seems steep, but if you're in this market, you know your choices are limited.   It doesn't scream bargain, but it's probably worth a look.

Ready for showings?   I would be glad to show you these properties this weekend.   Give me a call at 303.746.6896.  
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