Fresh Listings, Get 'Em Hot

by Osman Parvez

Let's take a  look at some fresh listings hitting the market.

Note:   From now through the Summer, the number of listings will continue to rise but if the normal seasonal cycle holds, you'll see sales volume rise at a faster pace.     This means more selection but also more competition between buyers. 

511 W Hackberry - $359,000 (Listing Sheet)

I previewed this house yesterday for one of my buyers.   We liked it enough to call in a contractor to help evaluate.    Key takeaways:    GREAT views and location in a neighborhood that is becoming more owner occupied.  

Here's the bad news.   The house itself needs a lot of cosmetic work.  It has a less than ideal layout, needs flooring, remodeling, and repairs to the concrete patio up front.   However, the house itself has very good bones.    My contractor and I discussed what it would take to add two additional bedrooms over the garage and we agreed it could be done for a reasonable amount.      If you're willing to do the work, this one is worth a look.    I think it's priced a little high for the work that is needed, but the view and location will help support the long term value.     I predict it will be under contract shortly.

3704 Telluride Circle - $420,000 (Listing Sheet

I took buyers to see this 3 bedroom condo yesterday and they were ready to write an offer.    That's when we found out it was already under contract.   Too bad.     Only 5 days on market and it was GONE.  

Here's what we loved.   It was buttoned up with new carpet, fresh paint, and remodeled bathrooms.   The kitchen had new appliances and newer flooring.     The condo had a great layout for roommates or family, plus it was ready to move-in.      The added bonus?   Great views on multiple sides of the house and proximity to open space.   The Skip stops nearby so you have easy access to downtown.    I personally would have bought this one.

Take home lessons:    a)  Snooze you lose.    If you're a buyer, don't wait until the weekend to see new listings.    b)  Buttoned up listings sell faster and for more money.  

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