Boulder Junction Update [Pics!]

by Osman Parvez

Here's a quick update and new photos from Boulder Junction, formerly known as Boulder Transit Village.     

Depot Square is the mixed-use, transit-oriented private development that will include an underground RTD bus station, Hyatt hotel, affordable apartment complex, parking structure and restaurant within the restored Boulder Jaycees Depot. It's located at 3151 Pearl Parkway. 

When complete, Depot Square will anchor the 160 acre Transit Village Area and create a nexus for redevelopment in Boulder. 
See "Promises, Promises" below.  

The Historic Jaycees Depot will become a restaurant/pub

The RTD below grade transit center and affordable housing

The project is expected to be completed by the September, 2014

Boulder Depot Details:  
  • The development encompasses 3.28 acres.
  • The Hyatt Hotel will have 140 rooms and feature a tavern with outdoor seating. 
  • 71 permanently affordable rental apartments are being constructed, managed by Boulder Housing Partners. These affordable units are tied to the construction of Solana across the street, a $5.4MM cash-in-lieu contribution.
  • About $1,000,000 will be invested in the Historic Depot. It will be a restaurant/pub with outdoor seating.
  • The four story parking structure will have 190 spaces. A garage ramp from Junction Place will provide access to seven bus bays.   

Promises, Promises:
The Depot Square project will be a vibrant location with housing, employment, transit, recreation and other amenities and services. This rich mix of uses provides an attractive location for existing and potential residents, particularly for people with disabilities and/or seniors. A new transit facility and associated transportation connections create new access options for all segments of the community. The plaza will provide a public space for community gatherings, festivals, markets and events that will contribute to the vibrancy of the area. The greater community benefits from the preservation of historic buildings like the landmarked depot.   
- City Council Agenda Item 7a - May 7, 2013
Please note: Solana, located at 3100 Pearl Parkway, is not part of Depot Square but it's within the Boulder Transit Village Area Plan (TVAP). In past blog posts, this distinction may have been unclear. More details on Solana are HERE

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