Development Map Update | Food Truck Parks and Contentious Affordable Housing

by Osman Parvez
I woke up early expecting to shovel this morning. Sadly, there was no white stuff on the ground. Here's a Development Map update instead.

Added 11/17/15
BHP's new affordable housing development - at 4525 Palo Parkway (44 tri-plexes, townhouses and apartment units in nine buildings. Units will consist of 13 one-bedroom units, 14 two-bedroom units and 17 three-bedroom units). Tempers are boiling over and there are LOTS of negative comments from the neighbors on this project. Expect the planning board meeting on 11/19 to be contentious. Read the public comments in the 600+ page board packet.

The Hearteye Project - 462 residences including apartments, condos, town homes and single-family homes and less than 10,000 square feet of commercial property tied to a community-supported farm. This is located just north of Anna's Farm in Lafayette. 

Simpson Old Town - Nearing completion and sold out. 18 town homes and approximately 2,350 square feet of commercial space in downtown Lafayette. Link to properties under contract (all 3 bed, 4 bath town homes priced from $395K to $420K). Should have been added a year ago when I attended the grand opening.  

Lafayette "City Center" - 90% residential, 10% commercial. 200 multi-family units and 16,640 square feet of commercial space. 

385 Broadway - The plan was to redevelop a Dentist's office into 16 residential units along Broadway, directly adjacent to the lower Chautauqua neighborhood. Guess again. In September, Planning Board denied the request to rezone the parcel from low density residential (RL-1) to the Business - Transitional 2 (BT-2). Added to the map for tracking purposes. 

Boulder Food Park - The plan is to replace the offices and baseball training facility at 28th and Valmont (on the parcel between the bike path and Thai Shi House and Coyote Car Wash) with a tavern/beer garden featuring many local breweries and food truck parking. Yay for more beer! Easy access to S'park and Boulder Junction. Check out the website.    

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